Yoro Falls

Today, we got up early and had breakfast at Eternal Coffee across the street. Then, it was off to the train station!



Nirayama and Jouren Taki

After leaving Takami’s house, we saw the Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace and Jouren Falls.


Arima Onsen

Today we went to Arima Onsen, a cute little onsen town in Kobe.


Yoro Waterfall

This weekend we get a three day weekend!! We are in the process of moving, so we only went one place this weekend, but it was beautiful! We took the train to Gifu, one of the neighboring prefectures, to see Yoro Falls.


Kakizore Gorge

Today, we woke up at our normal workday time to go on a nice hike!

We took the train way out to the countryside of Nagano Prefecture, and got off at Junikane. From there, we began our hike.


Ozone and Tokugawa-en

Ozone (pronounced “Oh-zoh-nay”) is a stop on the Meijo Line, which is the circular subway line. We went there to see Tokugawa-en, a pretty garden.


Shirotori Garden

After visiting Atsuta Jingu, we headed over to Shirotori Garden, which is within walking distance of the shrine. Shirotori means “White Bird”.


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