Ueno Koen

Last night, we partied with people at the hostel.



Wandering Tokyo and Sensoji

This morning, Mom, Brittany, Teddy, and I hopped on the shinkansen to Tokyo to make our pilgrimage to see the Hachiko statue. My mom has wanted to see him since we watched the movie with Richard Gere. When I asked her what she wanted to see when she came here, that was the first thing she said. 😀

However, as we were starting out in Asakusa, we went to see Sensoji before seeing Hachiko.


Moving to Nagoya!

Hello, and welcome to mine and Teddy’s newest adventure.  On February 15, 2013, we will be boarding a plane bound for Narita International Airport to begin our new life in Nagoya, Japan.  Teddy is a computer programmer looking for a change of pace; I’m a public school teacher looking for a change of scenery.

This is not our first time in Japan – from 2007-2008, we lived in Kyoto while I worked as a JET Programme ALT.  We came back to the US and settled into our lives – Teddy as a Programmer, and me as a teacher (preschool, elementary, and finally – Japanese, grades 3-12).  After visiting Japan again in 2011, we felt pretty sure that we’d like to have another long-term Japan experience, so here we are, about to set off on our new adventure.

Teddy and I will be living in Nagoya, where we will work at an International School – me as a full-time elementary teacher, and Teddy as a part-time preschool teacher.

We look forward to sharing our adventures with all of you.  Yoroshiku onegai-shimasu!