Photo of the Day: Days 1-30

A group of our friends on Facebook decided to do a thirty day (which has now become an ongoing) photo challenge. One of the posters wanted the group to be made private, so I decided to share my first thirty days on my blog.



Tokyo Skytree and Akihabara

After Ueno Koen, we went to the Tokyo Skytree area and Akihabara.


The Pilgrimage to Hachiko

We wandered through Asakusa and then hopped on the Ginza Line. We rode it the whole way to Shibuya to see Hachiko.


Wandering Tokyo and Sensoji

This morning, Mom, Brittany, Teddy, and I hopped on the shinkansen to Tokyo to make our pilgrimage to see the Hachiko statue. My mom has wanted to see him since we watched the movie with Richard Gere. When I asked her what she wanted to see when she came here, that was the first thing she said. 😀

However, as we were starting out in Asakusa, we went to see Sensoji before seeing Hachiko.