Food and Biking

Teddy and I haven’t been up to too much exciting recently, other than eating, hanging out, and biking.



Yoro Falls

Today, we got up early and had breakfast at Eternal Coffee across the street. Then, it was off to the train station!


Fushimi Inari Taisha

After the sake museum, the weather seemed to be okay, so we went to Fushimi Inari Taisha, a huge shrine to the goddess Inari. There are thousands of huge, red torii at this shrine.


Arashiyama Iwatayama Monkey Park

Yesterday, we arrived in Kyoto. Teddy and I lived in Kyoto for a year in 2007 when I did the JET Program, so we are super excited to show Mom and Brittany all around the area.

The first day, we took them to Arashiyama to see the Monkey Park and the bamboo groves.



Yesterday, my Mom felt sick, so after getting medicine for her, we gave her one of our cell phones and took Brittany to see Miyajima.


Climbing Kinkazan

Our friend climbed Kinkazan yesterday, and when we saw her pictures, they looked really beautiful, so we decided to give it a go today. Normally, Japanese mountains are kind of like walking up a slope, because they pave the paths. Not Kinkazan. We chose the hardest path on the way up, and there were times when we basically had to scale a sloped cliff. Like, using hands and carefully finding footholds. It was super fun, though!!


Yoro Waterfall

This weekend we get a three day weekend!! We are in the process of moving, so we only went one place this weekend, but it was beautiful! We took the train to Gifu, one of the neighboring prefectures, to see Yoro Falls.


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