Royce’ Chocolate Factory

Royce’ Chocolate is a famous brand of chocolate in Hokkaido. Inside the airport, you could look in at the chocolate factory while you waited for your plane. Make sure that you are aware that in Japan, since it takes only about 5 minutes to get through security, you should not go through way in advance – all the fun stuff is before security in Japan!


Nikka Whisky Distillery

One of our go-to drinks is Japan is Nikka Whisky. It’s an inexpensive and decent blend whisky. Also, it has a fabulous Scotchman mascot. I was super-excited to have a chance to go see the home of my favorite whisky. Even better, it was free!


Sapporo Brewery Museum and Shiroi Koibito Park

Due to bad weather forecasts, we planned our day yesterday around mostly indoor activities. While it did end up raining, it wasn’t too bad, but the factories we saw were pretty cool.

First, we visited the Sapporo Beer Brewery Museum.