Hamamatsu Matsuri, Part Two: Performances and Floats

After seeing the kites, we walked back to the bus to go back to the station area.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 172r

We saw these people dancing on the way back to the bus.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 184r

Once we got back to the station, we saw many parade floats.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 189r

The floats had very detailed wood carvings on them.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 195r

Another of the floats.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 205r

One of the float attendants stopped me and had me put on these clothes for a picture.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 207

They also gave me this cutely folded handkerchief!

Hamamatsu Matsuri 217r

After seeing the floats, we went up in the tower to see the city from up high!

Hamamatsu Matsuri 221r

We even got to see the shinkansen from above.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 245r

Later on, we found a good spot and waited for the parade to start.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 247

Teddy bought us some delicious pizza from a truck.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 276r

The floats at night.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 292r

Another shot of the floats.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 302r

There was a float for every neighborhood. We didn’t stay to see them all, though.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 325r

Some girls sitting inside one of the floats.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 326r

One last float. After this, we RAN to the station to catch our train home. 😀


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    May 07, 2015 @ 06:21:09

    I really liked the video of the drummers and dancers (in purple). Lovely!!


  2. FrankieS
    May 09, 2015 @ 20:27:04

    Beautiful photos. Beautiful blue handkerchief, is there a photo unfolded?
    best wishes, Frankie


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