Hamamatsu Matsuri Part One: Kites

Tuesday, Teddy’s friend Ryan took us to Hamamatsu to see the Kite Festival.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 004

One of the kites flying.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 012r

The sand dunes in Hamamatsu were beautiful!

Hamamatsu Matsuri 022r

Another photo of the sand dunes.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 038r

A shot of the ocean.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 061

After seeing the beach, we walked over to see the kites up close and personal. There were tons of festival food stalls, but they were all very busy.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 068

A daruma kite.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 069

I liked this kite, too!

Hamamatsu Matsuri 076

Festival participants resting by the kites.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 090

I thought this kite with children’s handprints was very cute.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 095r

This group was preparing their kite for flight.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 100r

Many kites flying.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 109r

These people were pulling the kite string to make their kite fly around.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 122r

A participant with her baby.

Hamamatsu Matsuri 158r

The kites fight with one another and with the trees, and occasionally they end up looking like this.

Well, that is all for the kite portion! The next post will be about other parts of the festival!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    May 07, 2015 @ 06:18:53

    They really take their kite flying seriously! What a lovely setting for flying kites.


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