Odaka Ryokuchi Koen and Arimatsu

Yesterday, Teddy and I biked 46 kilometers. In our travels, we visited Odaka Ryokuchi Koen and Arimatsu.


Here we are, super energetic after our 20 km bike ride to Odaka!

Odaka Ryokuchi Koen 009r

The pond and blossoms were very beautiful.

Odaka Ryokuchi Koen 023r

There were many different types of plum blossoms at Odaka Ryokuchi Koen.

Odaka Ryokuchi Koen 032r

White plum blossoms.


Here we are standing in front of an assortment of different blossoms.

Odaka Ryokuchi Koen 044r

The reddish blossoms were very pretty.

While at the park, one of the teachers from our school mailed me and recommended a nearby place called Arimatsu, so we headed there next.


Along the way, we saw this super happy house.

Arimatsu 004r

Arimatsu is famous for traditional Japanese tie-dying.

Arimatsu 016

There were really cool traditional buildings all around. I really liked this mailbox.


Us on one of the streets of Arimatsu.

Arimatsu 022

Some of the roads were comically narrow.

Arimatsu 032r

We saw Tenmangu Shrine, and received a history lesson from a random Japanese guy while there, which was pretty cool.

Arimatsu 034

A shibori (tie-dye) banner at the shrine.

Arimatsu 036

A close up of the banner.

While riding back, my bicycle seat broke! Seriously, look at how ridiculous this is:


Luckily, I didn’t fall off. We DID have to walk 30 minutes to a bike shop, which sucked, but it only cost 500 yen to fix, so that was awesome!

Well, that’s all for this weekend!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    Mar 05, 2015 @ 04:12:09

    Really Cool!! I’m glad you are back to doing your journal Jen!


  2. Marie
    Mar 13, 2015 @ 05:24:36

    So nice to see your pictures again…..I missed seeing them.


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