Cooking with Friends!

I’m sure everyone has noticed, but cooking with friends is probably one of my favorite activities!!

Saturday night, two friends slept over, and the three of us went together to church the next morning. After I got home, one of my friends mailed me to see if I wanted to hang out more. We went to a cafe with two other girls, and then came back to my place for dinner and a movie.

Lasagne Party 004r

I showed them how to make lasagne.

Lasagne Party 011r

Making lasagne.

Lasagne Party 020

While we were cooking and cleaning, we also took silly pictures.

Lasagne Party 022

Still not sure what’s going on here… 😀

Lasagne Party 024r

Here I am, taking out the trash. Nagoya trash collection is pretty specific – we have 6 types that go out each week, and a few other types collected less frequently.

Lasagne Party 025r

Sara is amused by something.

Lasagne Party 028

We took a break from our movie (Maleficent – absolutely amazing film) to eat our dinner.

Today, Teddy’s friend Ben and his wife Saeko came over to make pierogies.

Pierogie Party 003r

First, we cut and stretched the circles.

Pierogie Party 012r

Then, we filled them with broccoli, cheddar, and ranch potato filling.

Pierogie Party 015r

Still filling.

Pierogie Party 016r

Behold our magnificent pierogie army!

Pierogie Party 017r

Time to boil and fry!

Pierogie Party 018r

Kanpai! Ben and Saeko made and brought a yummy gratin, too!

Pierogie Party 020r

We had carrot cake, petit fours, coffee and tea for dessert.

Well, that is all for our parties!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    Dec 29, 2014 @ 23:33:58

    Pierogies!! Yes! Yes! I’m glad you’re having fun!


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