Christmas, Part One

We’ve been in Christmas mode at school since November, and at home since the Panda class sleepover on the 5th of this month (that’s when the tree went up).

First, some non-Christmas.


We went to lunch at Sunima recently, an Indian restaurant across the river. It’s really yummy and spicy!


We got edamame-cheese nan, garlic nan, and dal.

On the 14th, we had a cookie making party. Before the party, we went to a nearby organic place called Mori Cafe.


We got the daizu meat bulgogi lunch set. It was good!

Christmas Cookie Party 001r

For baking, one of the preschool students and her mother came! They brought up a cute Christmas gift.

Christmas Cookie Party 003r

Sara, one of the teachers at our school, came too!

Christmas Cookie Party 008r

Ikue and Kanade mixing sweet potato cookies in a plastic bag! (Genius!!)

Christmas Cookie Party 028r

Kanade was on a serious sugar rush after all the cookie sampling and hit her head on a doorway!

Christmas Cookie Party 030r

For dinner, one of the Japanese teachers at our school joined us!


Our dinner.

The following Wednesday evening, we got hit with a snowstorm. For Pittsburgh, I wouldn’t even really call it a storm, but it was pretty heavy for Nagoya. We ended up with about 4-5 inches.

Dec 17 Snow 003r

My parking lot near the beginning of the storm.


Everything was white the next morning (this is the same parking lot).


Nagoya is not equipped for snow removal, it appears (Neither was our school – I created a snow shovel from a dust pan, a broom, and packing tape).


We walked to school rather than biked. This is the river we cross each morning.


A little shrine right across the river.


The snow really caused a snarl in traffic, so many students were late. So, we played out in the snow for the first hour of school! 😀


This is the view from my classroom window.

This Sunday, we went to church with Sara. It was really cool to sing the Christmas songs in Japanese!


There was a lunch and Christmas show after the service.


Sara performed with the caroling team.

Last night, Amanda (a fellow Pittsburgher) and her friend Eli came over to make pierogies and gingerbread houses!

Gingerbread House Party 003r

Here we are stuffing pierogies. We made 46!

Gingerbread House Party 012r

We are ready to eat!!


Amanda pulled these out of the gingerbread making supplies and I was just like, “WHAT!!??” She wanted to make a pond beside her house. (Un)fortunately, we had nothing blue, so these fish had no part of our houses. LOL.

Gingerbread House Party 014r

Here we are, beginning our houses. I’d never made one without using a milk carton, but the royal icing I made was really good for sticking.

Gingerbread House Party 018r

Everyone laughed at me cutting the graham crackers with scissors, but then copied my technique once they saw how well it worked!!


Amanda made a snowman!

Gingerbread House Party 023r

Continuing work on the houses.


All done!!

Gingerbread House Party 044r

The three of us with our finished products. Eli’s started out as a church, but ended up as a tank after the roof collapsed in hilarious slow-motion.


A close-up of our masterpieces.

Well, that is all for now! Tonight we’ve got a small dinner with another teacher, and then we’ll have two more Christmas dinners with just us! ❤


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  1. Marie Elder
    Dec 23, 2014 @ 21:36:19

    The little houses are really neat……looks like you had a fun time.


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