Fun with Friends!

We have been spending the last few weekends relaxing and hanging out with friends.

Chinese Party 006r

Last Saturday, we had a Chinese themed potluck! Five of the teachers, and one of the teacher’s husbands came. It was a great time!

Cooking with Yuki 015r

This Saturday, one of the teacher’s wives and her friends came over and we made waffles. It was a great time!

Cooking with Yuki 016

The waffles were super yummy!

Nagoya Christmas Lights 002r

After Yuki and her friends went home, I met Teddy at Nagoya Station and we went out to dinner. There were tons of pretty decorations up!

Nagoya Christmas Lights 007

We went to Maharaja for yummy Indian food. Their samosas are amazing!

Nagoya Christmas Lights 008

Their curries are good, too, but not spicy at all, and you can’t choose the spiciness!!

Lasagna Party 001

Last night, we made vegan cannelloni with some of the teachers! Sara brought home made kettle corn!!

Lasagna Party 005r

She was really good at tossing popcorn and catching it.

Lasagna Party 006r

I showed Satomi, Sara, and Amanda how to make the lasagna and the sauce.

Lasagna Party 010r

This was Sara and Teddy’s “cool poses”.

Lasagna Party 013r

I’m not quite sure why Amanda and I were THIS HAPPY about stuffing this cannelloni.

Lasagna Party 024

Almost ready to go into the oven!!

Lasagna Party 036r

It’s dinnertime!!

Lasagna Party 044

After dinner, Satomi made amazake for us.

Lasagna Party 045

Sara had ten potato rings.

Shirakawa Koen Autumn 007r

Today, we biked to Osu to get groceries and admire the fall foliage. Have a great week, everyone!!


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  1. Barbara Lange
    Nov 25, 2014 @ 05:06:58

    Jen, your leggings are really cute! You all look like you are having a great time!


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