Halloween and Obata Ryokuchi Koen

After two weeks silence, I am back. I had an unfortunate slip down the steps at school, which resulted in a lot of lazing around the house. (It DID at least encourage my kids to hold the handrail on the stairs, so there’s that!!) I’m now at about 80%, so back to the adventures!

Yesterday, we went to Teddy’s friend Ben’s house for a Halloween party!

Halloween 2014 003

One of his friends brought this super cute kabocha gratin! I love how they carved a face!!

Halloween 2014 006r

Ben had made this really fun Halloween game that we are totally stealing for the upcoming Panda class sleepover! (Though ours will be Christmas themed…)

Halloween 2014 011r

I was on the Japanese language team. I apparently can kick ass at Taboo in Japanese, too. My favorite was when I got them to put together the word “penny” by getting them to say the second half of ball pen and the Japanese word for two. LOL.

Halloween 2014 015r

Teddy was on the English team.

Halloween 2014 020

Yum! Dessert!!

Halloween 2014 022r

Me and Teddy were Kiki and Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service. This was taken after I was sick of my hair being all tied up. 😀

Today, we WERE going to bike to Green Pier near Kozoji Station, but it was like 21 km and we didn’t start out till like 1:30, so we just went to Obata Ryokuchi Koen in Moriyama-ku. (Still 12 km).

Obata Ryokuchi Koen 002r

Some pretty autumn leaves.

Obata Ryokuchi Koen 006r

There was a pretty lake there, too.

Obata Ryokuchi Koen 011r

I liked the dragonflies on the pagoda.

Obata Ryokuchi Koen 015r

I loved how the “shi” in Mamushi was made to be a snake!!

Obata Ryokuchi Koen 018r

The leaves are just beginning to change!

Obata Ryokuchi Koen 026r

Coming in for a landing!

Obata Ryokuchi Koen 029r

I loved this cute shot of the ducks.

Obata Ryokuchi Koen 039

I thought this duck was super cute!

Obata Ryokuchi Koen 062r

There were some CREEPY ASS spiders!

Obata Ryokuchi Koen 064r

This one’s all hanging down like Spiderman.

Obata Ryokuchi Koen 066

We had passed a cake that advertised Cake and Coffee. That was a straight lie. They did, however, give you a free waffle with ice cream with your drink.

Obata Ryokuchi Koen 068r

The Shonai River looked really pretty today.

Well, that’s all for this weekend!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    Nov 03, 2014 @ 22:19:45

    It’s good to see your journal again, Jen! Glad you’re feeling better


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