Fun with Friends and Meijimura

We’ve been doing a lot of hanging out, biking, eating, and sitting through typhoons the past two weeks.

Pupu Kitchen 043r

Two Sundays ago, we went to Pupu Kitchen for the special Macrobiotic meal. The starter was amazake and vegetable sushi.

Pupu Kitchen 045r

The next course was a kabocha puree with mochi.

Pupu Kitchen 049r

This was the rest of the meal. It was pretty good!

Pupu Kitchen 050r

For dessert, there was kabocha bread with red beans.

On October 6th, which was a Monday, we had a typhoon day!! Then it blew through and the day was beautiful from the afternoon. LUCKY!

Lunar Eclipse 009r

Wednesday, there was a lunar eclipse!

Lunar Eclipse 071r

When it was fully eclipsed, it looked red!

Lunar Eclipse 072r

Another shot with the clouds.

This past Saturday, Teddy and I biked to Meijimura, which is 23.5 km away. We are CHAMPIONS.

On the Way 002r

This was a pretty stream we saw when we were almost there.

On the Way 005r

There were many cute birds around the rice fields!

On the Way 006r

The rice fields are almost ready for harvesting!

When we got to Meijimura – it was priceless. The parking lot guy literally looked at us like, “Why have you come here by bicycle?” LOL. Meiimura is a park filled with buildings from the Meiji period from all over Japan and some other places (we saw a building brought from Seattle and another from Hawaii).

Meijimura 010r

This was taken inside the hotel at Meijimura.

Meijimura 011r

A cool lamp inside the hotel.

Meijimura 013r

I took this picture from the hotel. The building in the distance is a prison.

Meijimura 024r

The bridge looked beautiful reflected in the river.

Meijimura 037r

There was a very beautiful church brought from Kyoto there, as well.

Meijimura 045r

I also saw a really cool brown praying mantis.

Meijimura 056r

This was inside the train building.

Meijimura 070r

This intricate wood carving was inside the hospital building.

Meijimura 080r

There was a neat looking train and a railroad bridge.

Meijimura 082r

There were also many scary looking spiders.


The next day, I went out to karaoke with one of the other teachers and two of her friends from church.

Afterwards, I met another friend at Nagoya Station.

Typhoon Party 003r

We came to my house and had a party that eventually swelled to a five person one.

Typhoon Party 008r

I am SHOCKED that I have failed.

Typhoon Party 009r

I had laughed at Amanda when she had to drink this flavor, and now I feel her pain.


Teddy is trying to psych Amanda out.


She’s like, “What is he doing??”


Obviously, Teddy’s strategy was successful.

Well, that’s all for the past two weekends!!


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  1. Barbara Lange
    Oct 16, 2014 @ 23:09:47

    The hotel at Meijimura looks awesome, how much is it a night?


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