Food and Biking

Teddy and I haven’t been up to too much exciting recently, other than eating, hanging out, and biking.

Pupu Kitchen 040r

Last Sunday, we went to Pupu Kitchen for their special chef’s lunch. This was the menu.

Pupu Kitchen 041

This was the food. It was definitely one of the stranger meals we’ve had there.

Pupu Kitchen 042

It came with this dessert.

After, we biked home and went to get cake at Regnie, cause everyone needs two desserts!

Regnie 024r

We both got a peach tart.

Regnie 025r

They decorated our coffees super cutely! This was Teddy’s.

Regnie 026r

This was mine.

This Saturday, we were going to bike to Meijimura in Inuyama, but Teddy started to feel a cramp coming on, so when we saw Komaki Castle, we decided to take a detour and go there instead.

Komaki 002r

On the way to Komaki, I saw this crane in a rice field.

Komaki 007r

This pretty flower was in Komaki-san Park.

Komaki 010r

Check out how big this spider is!!

Komaki 019r

A really cool tree stump.

Komaki 025

Here’s the castle. There used to be a real one back in the 1500s, but this reproduction was built by a rich businessman in the 1960s.

Komaki 032r

This grasshopper was really cool-looking.

Before heading back to Nagoya, we got the Recommended Cake Set at a patisserie we found by chance by exiting Komaki-san Park the wrong way.

Komaki 036

It came with a pudding, a cream puff, and a chocolate cake!

Well, that’s all for Komaki! The next post will be about my most recent cake decorating adventure. 🙂


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