Ichinomiya and Domannaka Matsuri

We’ve been busy biking around, hanging out, and having fun the past few weekends.

The last weekend in August, we biked all the way to Ichinomiya and went to Masumida Shrine.

Ichinomiya 003r

Here is a bridge, and the main gate to the shrine.

Ichinomiya 008r

The cleansing area had a really cool dragon.

Ichinomiya 013r

There was also a horse statue.

Ichinomiya 027r

The manhole cover for the area features flowers.

Ichinomiya 028r

We saw some really beautiful and friendly kitties at the shrine!!

Ichinomiya 035r

Teddy caught some type of bug for this one to eat. Haha.

Ichinomiya 041

We were super hungry cause we had biked 14 kilometers, but unfortunately not much was open at this time of day. So, we got pancakes. Teddy got the banana custard ones.

Ichinomiya 042

I got the berry ones. Super healthy. ❤

The next day, we were downtown and happened upon Domannaka Matsuri, a huge dance festival in Nagoya.

Nagoya Dance Festival 004r


Nagoya Dance Festival 012r

A samurai dance team.

Nagoya Dance Festival 013r

The Japanese teacher had her birthday in August, so we went to Godiva to get her a present. We also got ourselves some Chocolixers. Yum!! They are about half the size of the American ones, and are about $1 more. (Really, though, this is a better size!)

Nagoya Dance Festival 016r

We saw this cool dragon down in Sakae as well.

Nagoya Dance Festival 020r

I wanted to join this dance team’s sake party for sure!!

Nagoya Dance Festival 023r

We had a yummy snack from a delicious looking bakery before biking home.

Yesterday, we had some teachers from our school over for dinner. Their kids have been sick all week, and I’ve been watching them. Thanks to Dekavita and an obsession with not touching my face, I’ve avoided catching their strep and pink eye. Go me!

Taco Party 038r

We had Mexican!

Well, that’s all for now!


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