Visit From Miriam

Last weekend, our friend Miriam visited us. Miriam is also from Pittsburgh, and lives in Shiga Prefecture. She’s doing the JET Program.

First, here are some meals I made last week.

Heurvos Rancheros Enchiladas 001r

I made some huervos rancheros enchiladas for breakfast. They were really good!

Soybean Lettuce Wraps 001r

I also made soybean lettuce wraps. They really didn’t have much flavor at all. I would probably not make this again.

Visit from Miriam 004r

Friday, Miriam came, and she brought us many yummy things, including this butternut squash!

Visit from Miriam 005r

More yummy treats from her town!

Visit from Miriam 008r

We made English muffins, seisage, and maple soy tofu for breakfast!

Visit from Miriam 032r

At Nagoya Castle, they opened one of the rooms to the public, so you could actually walk right up to the walls to see the detail!

Visit from Miriam 034r

We were impressed by how each feather had been carefully painted.

Visit from Miriam 036r

These flowers were actually 3D!

Visit from Miriam 040

One of the tatami rooms.

Visit from Miriam 042r

More super detailed birds.

Visit from Miriam 062r

That evening, Takami came over and we all made dinner and dessert together.

Visit from Miriam 069r

Tada! Dessert is ready!

Visit from Miriam 071r

Dinner is served!

Visit from Miriam 072r

We made Chinese food for dinner.

Visit from Miriam 073

Our desserts.

Sunday, we took Miriam to see Inuyama.

Visit from Miriam 079r

This cat shutter was super cute!

Visit from Miriam 081r

This is Wanmarukun, the mascot of Inuyama.

Visit from Miriam 088r

Me and Teddy being cute.

Visit from Miriam 098r

The storm clouds were rolling in.

Visit from Miriam 123r

Another shot of the storm.

Visit from Miriam 134

A tiny model of Inuyama Matsuri.

Visit from Miriam 136

These genmai dango were delicious!

Visit from Miriam 138

Teddy and I got yummy milkshakes.

Visit from Miriam 139r

Miriam got this cute shaved ice!

Well, that’s all for last weekend! The next post will be about today.


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