Hirokoji Summer Festival

Today, we biked down to Fushimi, had lunch, hung out, and watched the Hirokoji Summer Festival.

Love Pacific Cafe 017

We got the soy karaage rice bowl with kabocha soup at Love Pacific Cafe.

Crazy Ball Game 003

On our way to karaoke, we saw this… Interesting ball game. Still not sure what it is…

Hirokoji Summer Festival 020

On our way back to our bikes, we came upon this cool parade.

Hirokoji Summer Festival 028r

It turns out it was the Hirokoji Summer Festival.

Hirokoji Summer Festival 036r

I was really amused by this mikoshi being pulled by a flatbed truck.

Hirokoji Summer Festival 039r

There were many dancers following the mikoshi.

Hirokoji Summer Festival 064r

We got to see cool floats and performances from other prefectures. This is from Aomori.

Hirokoji Summer Festival 082r

Another cool float with a man and a white dragon.

Hirokoji Summer Festival 111r

Teddy felt like this dance would lead to nothing other than thighs filled with pain the next day. I have to agree.

Hirokoji Summer Festival 117r

Nagoya is a special city that feels no need to stop traffic that crosses parade routes. So here are the participants waiting for the light to change so the parade can continue. LOL.

Unfortunately, watching this parade resulted in us getting absolutely drenched cause it started raining and we had biked to Fushimi. 😀


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  1. Marie Elder
    Aug 24, 2014 @ 00:20:52

    Well that’s a switch….having to wait for a traffic light to change in order to parade.. what a difference! The parade looks so nice….wish I could still travel…I’d love to see some of the things you’ve seen.


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