Photo of the Day: Days 1-30

A group of our friends on Facebook decided to do a thirty day (which has now become an ongoing) photo challenge. One of the posters wanted the group to be made private, so I decided to share my first thirty days on my blog.


Day One (6/14/14): Sea life washed up on Utsumi Beach.


Day Two (6/15/14): We saw these at the Lego Store in Aeon Arakogawakoen Mall. Woody was over six feet tall!


Day Three (6/16/14): This huge beetle was chilling on the steps outside our apartment when we were leaving for school. I didn’t know what it was at the time (It’s an Asian Long-horned Beetle), but as soon as I saw it, I said, “That’s my picture of the day!”


Day Four (6/17/14): My classroom, taken before the arrival of the students. We have 12 first to fourth graders at my school.


Day Five (6/18/14): The kindergarteners built K’nex spiders all around my arms and over my lap. Here I am being bitten.


Day Six (6/19/14): They had just planted rice in the rice paddy across the street from our school on this day!


Day Seven (6/20/14): Haagen-Dazs SpoonVege Ice Cream. They have Tomato and Cherry flavor and Orange and Carrot flavor. Both were actually pretty good, but we both liked the Orange and Carrot better.


Day Eight (6/21/14): We had a dinner party with friends!


Day Nine (6/22/14): This is Patrol Cat. She keeps everyone in Kamiotai in line!


Day Ten (6/23/14): Apparently, this is how we appear to the first to fourth grade students. Me (in black), Teddy (the naked red man and naked blue man), and the Japanese teacher (in blue).


Day Eleven (6/24/14): Ah, Engrish. Not sure if this is intentionally kinky or not. 😀


Day Twelve (6/25/14): This is what the typical lunch brought from home looks like at our school. This is a second grade girl’s lunch.


Day Thirteen (6/26/14): July 7th is called Tanabata in Japan. You write a wish on a strip of paper and tie it to a bamboo tree. This is our school tree.


Day Fourteen (6/27/14): I grew these tomatoes on my balcony. Also, this is the southwest view off my balcony.


Day Fifteen (6/28/14): Each city in Japan has a different manhole cover. Nagoya has a lame one – a goofy looking water glider bug – but, I went to Osaka and theirs is pretty!


Day Sixteen (6/29/14): Fabulous frog backpacks and purses in the Osu shopping arcades.


Day Seventeen (6/30/14): When I came to Japan in February 2013, these pants were tight and I weighed 173 lbs/78.5 kg. Now, I am at my goal weight of 123.5 lbs/56 kg. I had no pants that fit, but my mom brought me a pair of jeans, and two pairs of shorts from my sister!!


Day Eighteen (7/1/14): My mom and Brittany arrived here in Japan!


Day Nineteen (7/2/14): Japan has a France Burger! It’s chicken cordon bleu. I took this picture to show our French member of the photo challenge, who had posted one of her eating an “American” burger.


Day Twenty (7/3/14): Why, yes, that melon on the far right does, in fact, cost over 250 USD.


Day Twenty-one (7/4/14): We went to tons of cute stores in Tokyo! We got a coffee at the cutest Mister Donut!


Day Twenty-two (7/5/14): The travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima took over five hours, so we brought some snacks on the shinkansen. I had a rice ball and shared edamame with Mom and Brittany.


Day Twenty-three (7/6/14): We went to Miyajima, one of the top three most beautiful sites in Japan. There are tons of wild, but super friendly deer there. These deer are small, adults being about the size of a large goat.


Day Twenty-four (7/7/14): Okay, then.


Day Twenty-five (7/8/14): Fire dancer Kousuke at Sanjo Ohashi in Kyoto.


Day Twenty-six (7/9/14): We visited the deer and Todaiji in Nara.


Day Twenty-seven (7/10/14): Fun and games at the hostel.


Day Twenty-eight (7/11/14): Mom and Brittany in Gion.


Day Twenty-nine (7/12/14): We pulled this 12,000 kg, 25 meter tall float!


Day Thirty (7/13/14): I was showing my mom and Brittany around our neighborhood and we came across this small neighborhood festival at Gosho Shrine. These people are playing taiko, Japanese drums.

Well, that is all for my first thirty days! I’m almost done with the second thirty, and once I am, you can look forward to seeing them here!!


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