Nagoya Science Center and Maidreamin

Today, we took Mom and Brittany to the science center, karaoke, and to a maid cafe.

Science Center 002r

My mom loved the creepy bunny statue in Shirakawa Koen.

Science Center 007r

Mom and Brittany in front of the science center.

Science Center 015r

They had a special Dragonball and science exhibit. I’m not sure how the two went together. Here’s me “throwing” a fireball.

Science Center 018r

And here’s Teddy.

Science Center 032r

Mom and Goku.

Science Center 037r

For some reason, they decided that having you sit on a toilet was a great way to demonstrate directional speakers.

Science Center 050r

Teddy shooting a fireball.

Science Center 058r

We found the thin mirror!!

Science Center 088

You had to cover your ears and press your forehead against these things to hear special sounds.

Science Center 104r

Brittany observing the magnetic fluid.

After the science center, we went to Osu and ended up at Maidreamin, a maid cafe. It was a pretty special and hilarious experience. For example, when you wanted something, you had to meow in Japanese to call your maid over…


We got iced tea and keychains.


We each got an adorable parfait.


We also got to have a picture taken with the maid of our choice.

Maidreaming 001r

I chose Ai-chan.

Maidreaming 002r

Brittany picked Kanon-chan.

Maidreaming 003r

Teddy wanted Mei-chan.

Maidreaming 004r

My mom also chose Kanon-chan.


Mom and Brittany were also amused by the liquor vending machine we found out in the wild.

Well, that’s all! Tomorrow, Mom and Brittany fly back to America. 😥 They both said they had a great time, so that makes me happy! I’m glad they liked what we showed them! 🙂


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  1. Marie Elder
    Jul 17, 2014 @ 22:36:32

    Is that the seat if honor? LOL!!!


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