Strolling through Nakaotai and Gosho Jinja Summer Festival!

We got back to Nagoya early, but it looked like it would rain. As soon as we got into the apartment, it started pouring, so we decided to just rest and do our laundry.

After lunch, I gave my mom a belated birthday gift.

Strolling in Nakaotai 001r

She was super excited!

Strolling in Nakaotai 003r

She liked the wrapping paper a lot.

Strolling in Nakaotai 005r

She liked the chirimen box, too!

Strolling in Nakaotai 007r

She liked the cups, too!

After lounging around and doing laundry, Mom and Brittany started to get restless, so we went for a walk down the old merchant road in Nakaotai.

Strolling in Nakaotai 009r

We found these cute babies on our way over to the road.

Strolling in Nakaotai 017r

These adorable decorations were in front of someone’s house.

Strolling in Nakaotai 020r

The houses on the road were old and traditional looking.

Strolling in Nakaotai 024r

The statues at this temple are not Japanese-style. I think the plaque underneath said that they were Korean.

Strolling in Nakaotai 032r

These guardians are usually enclosed by a fence at most temples, but not at this one.

Strolling in Nakaotai 033r

This beautiful kitty was hiding at the temple.

Strolling in Nakaotai 046r

I loved this wreath!

Using my amazing kanji reading skills, I deduced that there was going to be a festival happening in about an hour, so once we found the location, we took a walk around the 2.3 km track at Shonai Ryokuchi Koen before returning to Gosho Jinja.

Strolling in Nakaotai 054r

We saw these pretty lotuses in Shonai Ryokuchi Koen.

Strolling in Nakaotai 066r

Gosho Jinja’s Summer Festival.

Strolling in Nakaotai 077r

Women making mitarashi dango.

Strolling in Nakaotai 080r

They were giving away free Tokoroten at the festival. One of the organizers brought us some. I was impressed with Mom and Brittany’s chopstick skills!

Strolling in Nakaotai 083r

We bought some mitarashi dango.

Strolling in Nakaotai 084r

I guess we were special, because the guy who gave us the noodles also gave us these, which were not free, but they were for us!

Strolling in Nakaotai 088r

While there, we got to watch a taiko performance!

Strolling in Nakaotai 100r

Most of the performers were school students.

Strolling in Nakaotai 110r

The performers were really great!

Strolling in Nakaotai 132r

A man was playing the flute.

Strolling in Nakaotai 143r

This woman was doing dances to enka music. After watching some of her dance, we headed back home.

Well, that’s all for now.


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  1. Marie Elder
    Jul 13, 2014 @ 23:50:51

    You always seem to find the cats…….cute little fellow.


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