Gion Matsuri Hoko Pulling Practice!

After lunch, we walked down to Shijo.

Along the way, we passed a shrine that (surprisingly!!), Teddy and I had never visited called Goou Jinja. Instead of komainu standing guard at the shrine, there are komainoshishi (boar).

Kyoto Day Five 080r

A wheel with kanji inscriptions.

Kyoto Day Five 089r

An enma with a boar.

Kyoto Day Five 099r

Two boar carved from wood.

Kyoto Day Five 101r

People have written wishes on these boar sticks.

Kyoto Day Five 105r

Super cute enma.

Kyoto Day Five 109r

My mom with the shrine’s mascot.

We also got to see a Shinto wedding ceremony being performed while we were there, so that was interesting!

Finally, we made our way to Shijo Karasuma, and met up with a teacher I used to work with, Yoshioka-sensei. He asked us to meet him there so we could try pulling a hoko!! Hoko are huge festival floats that weigh 12,000 kg and are 25 meters high!

Kyoto Day Five 120r

This is the one we pulled (Kokan-boko).

Kyoto Day Five 127r

A close-up of the men in the hoko.

Kyoto Day Five 142r

The wheels can only go straight, so when they need to turn, they have to drive a wedge underneath the wheels and hit them with hammers to turn the float.

Kyoto Day Five 155r

Teddy, Mom, and Yoshioka-sensei in front of the float we pulled. My mom almost fell while we were pulling, but luckily, me, Yoshioka-sensei, and a bunch of the people around us helped pull her up so she didn’t.

Kyoto Day Five 160r

Another of the floats.

Kyoto Day Five 165r

Some of the men have to sit on the roff of the float and pull ropes to move the top of the float so it doesn’t hit any buildings, signs, or powerlines.

Kyoto Day Five 230r

After seeing some of the floats, Yoshioka-sensei took us to Rokkaku-do, a temple with a stone that marks the exact center of Kyoto City.

Kyoto Day Five 234

He also took us out for sweets! Here’s me and Teddy with Yoshioka-sensei.

Kyoto Day Five 235

Mom and Brittany with Yoshioka-sensei’s wife.

Kyoto Day Five 236

Mom and I both got Zenzai.

Kyoto Day Five 237

Yoshioka-sensei got a Wa-fu Parfait.

Kyoto Day Five 238

His wife got the Kyomiyama Parfait.

Kyoto Day Five 239

Brittany and Teddy both got Maccha Parfaits.

Kyoto Day Five 240r

After splitting up, we went back to Kyoto Station, and Mom bought a model of the float we pulled!

Kyoto Day Five 241r

Mom also got a Happy Meal!

Kyoto Day Five 242r

She got a cute Pokemon toy, too. She got to pick which she wanted!

Kyoto Day Five 243r

I grabbed us all a bunch of free fans so we didn’t die in the sweltering Kyoto heat.

Kyoto Day Five 244r

Yoshioka-sensei and his wife bought this good luck charm for my mom.

Well, that’s all for Kyoto!


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  1. Marie Elder
    Jul 13, 2014 @ 23:56:02

    Pulling a cool is that?!!!!


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