Our Old Neighborhood

After seeing the shrine, we took the Keihan line to Deamchiyanagi.

Kyoto Day Three 192r

We all went to eat at Falafel Garden!

Kyoto Day Three 195r

Mom and Brittany look really happy to get a rest!

Kyoto Day Three 204

Next, we grabbed some chuhai and sat by the river.

Kyoto Day Three 216r

This crane was sneaking along at the river.

Kyoto Day Three 218r

He was really fun to watch.

Kyoto Day Three 227r

Next, we hopped across the stones.

Kyoto Day Three 244r

We walked over to Shimogamo Jinja, one of the oldest shrines in Kyoto, and the shrine of the neighborhood where we used to live. Here’s a cute little bird we saw in Tadasu no Mori, the forest around the shrine.

Kyoto Day Three 265r

This is Shimogamo Shrine.

Kyoto Day Three 268r

There are different prayer areas depending on your Chinese zodiac.

Kyoto Day Three 270r

Last year was the year of the dragon, and this year is the horse.

Kyoto Day Three 275r

We showed my mom our old apartment.


It was my mom’s birthday, so we took her to Clientele, my favorite patisserie in the world.

Kyoto Day Three 279r

We even sang to her in the cafe! She and I got the same cake.

Kyoto Day Three 281

Teddy got a pistachio flavored cake.

Kyoto Day Three 282

Brittany got a hazelnut flavored cake.

Well, that’s all for yesterday!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    Jul 12, 2014 @ 03:47:25

    Oh Shirley, You made it to Clientele, I’m so jealous!!! Cute little bird with blue feet.


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