Nara Koen and Todaiji

Today, we took my mom and Brittany to Nara.

Kyoto Day Two 002r

This is the manhole cover of Nara.

Kyoto Day Two 012r

This is a Jizo statue. Jizo is the guardian of deceased unborn and small children.

Kyoto Day Two 021r

One of the buildings at Koufukuji in Nara.

Kyoto Day Two 023r

The pagoda at Koufukuji.

Kyoto Day Two 024r

One of the deer in Nara.

Kyoto Day Two 034r

Me and my mom with one of the deer.

Kyoto Day Two 037r

Teddy refrained from feeding the deer, but the rest of us bought deer senbei and fed them.

Kyoto Day Two 040r

Feeding the deer!

Kyoto Day Two 049r

My mom feeding a deer.

Kyoto Day Two 052r

This deer’s facial expression looks like my sister’s dog to me. 😀

Kyoto Day Two 064r

A deer drinking from a river.

Kyoto Day Two 065r

These deer really liked to be petted. Here is Brittany petting one.

Kyoto Day Two 076r

We all thought that this baby deer was brand new. Its fur was even damp in places.

Kyoto Day Two 089r

This is the Daibutsuden at Todaiji.


If you have a part of your body that hurts, or has some ailment, you are supposed to rub that body part on the statue and then on yourself to get healed.

Kyoto Day Two 117r

This is the Daibutsu, the biggest Buddha in Japan.

Kyoto Day Two 125r

One of the guardians in the Daibutsuden.

Kyoto Day Two 142r

The mommy deer licking her baby.

Kyoto Day Two 154r

My mom shakes hands with Sento-kun, the mascot of Nara.

Kyoto Day Two 158r

We had planned on eating at an Indian restaurant, but it was closed. Instead, we ate at a vegan, macrobiotic Chinese restaurant called Kinatei. You can find it on Happy Cow. I highly recommend it. The food is amazing, and the lady that works there is super nice.

Kyoto Day Two 160r

Not only could you get seconds of miso soup and rice, but you also got a dessert. All for 1500 yen!!


My mom mentioned that it was her birthday tomorrow, and the lady gave her a present! It was a charm that bound my mom’s soul with mine, so even if we were far apart, we would be together. Not only that, but she asked where we were going next, and when she realized we were going to miss our train, she DROVE US TO THE STATION!!


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  1. Marie Elder
    Jul 09, 2014 @ 23:38:54

    Sounds like you had a nice time…..I’m so glad!


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