Bamboo Groves of Arashiyama and More

After the Monkey Park, we walked to the bamboo groves.

Kyoto Day One 202r

The walkway through the groves.

Kyoto Day One 221r

A mossy garden at Nonomiya Shrine.

Kyoto Day One 237r

A closeup of the bamboo.

Kyoto Day One 239r

A twisted tree.

Kyoto Day One 247r

Frogs in a wishing pond.

Kyoto Day One 259r

A mossy garden in Tenryuji.

Kyoto Day One 269r

The garden at Tenryuji.

Kyoto Day One 273r

The roof tiles of Tenryuji.

Kyoto Day One 275

Super close-up of hydrangea.

Kyoto Day One 277r

A close-up of moss.

Kyoto Day One 289

A magatama inside of a lantern.

Kyoto Day One 294r

A replica of the ceiling at Tenryuji.

Kyoto Day One 301

A lotus bud.

Kyoto Day One 320r

A dragon inside the “kimono forest”.

Kyoto Day One 329r

My mom, Teddy, and I all shared this maccha beer. It was actually pretty good!

Kyoto Day One 334r

Teddy spotted a foot onsen on the train platform, and that was right up our alley after all the walking we’ve been doing!!

Kyoto Day One 336r

The onsen.


My mom and I in the onsen. I felt super rejuvenated after my soak!!

Kyoto Day One 356r

For dinner, we went to Mumokuteki in Kyoto City. It was delicious. This is the soy meat salad.

Kyoto Day One 357r

Teddy and I each got the soy milk ramen.

Kyoto Day One 360r

My mom got root vegetable bolognese.

Kyoto Day One 361r

Brittany got the tofu hamburger plate.

Kyoto Day One 393

After Mom and Brittany went back to the hostel, Teddy and I watched the fire dancers.

Kyoto Day One 426r

This is Koosuke, the fire dancer.

Kyoto Day One 454r


Kyoto Day One 469r

Spinning fire.

Kyoto Day One 494r

The drummer framed by fire.


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