Hiroshima Peace Park and Museum

Yesterday, we traveled to Hiroshima.


Here we are, waiting for our shinkansen to Hiroshima.


It was a long trip, so we brought snacks on the train.

Hiroshima Day One 002r

The first thing we took them to see was the Peace Park and Museum. It is a very depressing place to visit, but it is also very historicall important. Since it’s pretty sad, we made sure to bring them here first.

This photo is Genbaku Dome, which is the City Hall that used to stand in Hiroshima. It has been restored slightly so that it continues to look the same as it did the day of the bombing.

Hiroshima Day One 010r

A cat standing amongst the rubble.

Hiroshima Day One 016r

A close-up of Genbaku Dome.

Hiroshima Day One 029r

Genbaku Dome.

Hiroshima Day One 038

Many cranes and kusudama.

Hiroshima Day One 057r

A crane mural at the Children’s Memorial.

Hiroshima Day One 072r

Another mural.

Hiroshima Day One 075r

The Children’s memorial.

Hiroshima Day One 080r

The eternal flame.

Hiroshima Day One 083r

The arch at the Peace Park.

Hiroshima Day One 089r

Genbaku Dome as seen throught the arch.

Hiroshima w Mom Collage

Hiroshima before and after the atomic bomb.

Hiroshima Day One 093r

Emergency rations.

Hiroshima Day One 100r

These are cooking plates found after the bombing.

Hiroshima Day One 103r

This globe shows how many nuclear warheads each country posesses.

Hiroshima Day One 106r

A melted bottle.

Hiroshima Day One 109r

A junior high school girl’s uniform.

Hiroshima Day One 115r

This little boy was riding his tricycle when the bomb hit. He was killed by the blast.

Hiroshima Day One 124r

The blast was so powerful that it drove glass shards into cement.

Hiroshima Day One 131r

This bottle melded with the other materials.

Hiroshima Day One 134r

Religious statues destroyed by the blast.

Hiroshima Day One 143r

Cranes folded by Sadako.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    Jul 07, 2014 @ 02:09:25

    These pictures really bring home how horrific the bomb was. Very sad.


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