Ueno Koen

Last night, we partied with people at the hostel.


We shared drinks and chatted with these lovely people.


Of course, I encouraged people to attend karaoke with me.

I have to admit – this morning, I kind of regretted my choices. 😀

Tokyo Day Two 005r

A cute frog fountain in Ueno Koen.

Tokyo Day Two 008r

Mom in front of the fountain.

Tokyo Day Two 009

The cute manhole cover of Ueno Park.

Tokyo Day Two 010r

Hydrangeas in the park.

Tokyo Day Two 019r

We used this cool dragon dance machine to get a fortune.

Tokyo Day Two 027r

The dragon dancer getting a our fortune.

Tokyo Day Two 033r

Is it a good one??

Tokyo Day Two 035

WIN! The best fortune!

Tokyo Day Two 044r

This crow is judging you.

Tokyo Day Two 055r

A really cool circular tree.


Teddy, Mom, and Brittany in Ueno Koen. This was after a coffee, so we all felt rejuvenated.


Me and Mom at Ueno Koen’s lotus pond.

Tokyo Day Two 083r

A pretty lotus.

Tokyo Day Two 097r

Me and Mom at the lotus pond.

Tokyo Day Two 099r

Multi-language enma (prayer placards).

Tokyo Day Two 104r

An interestingly shaped pagoda.


It was drizzling, so we went to the science center.


My mom playing at the science center.

Tokyo Day Two 129r

Creeptacular bees and the like.

Tokyo Day Two 136r

Butterfly on a flower.

Tokyo Day Two 137r

Another butterfly.

Tokyo Day Two 138r

A bird drinking nectar.

Tokyo Day Two 140r

Poor giraffes are pregnant for 460 days. Like, what the hell???

Tokyo Day Two 156r

A wall of butterflies.

Tokyo Day Two 169r

Crazy leaf beetle.

Well, that is all for Ueno Koen! The next post will be about the Tokyo Skytree area!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    Jul 04, 2014 @ 23:08:42

    What beautiful nature pictures!! I’m glad you’re all having fun!


  2. Marie Elder
    Jul 05, 2014 @ 03:17:58

    I love the butterflies!!!


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