Wandering Tokyo and Sensoji

This morning, Mom, Brittany, Teddy, and I hopped on the shinkansen to Tokyo to make our pilgrimage to see the Hachiko statue. My mom has wanted to see him since we watched the movie with Richard Gere. When I asked her what she wanted to see when she came here, that was the first thing she said. 😀

However, as we were starting out in Asakusa, we went to see Sensoji before seeing Hachiko.

Tokyo Day One 001r

This is a kappa, a mythical Japanese creature.

Tokyo Day One 003r

Decorations for Tanabata, a traditional Japanese festival that takes place on July 7th.

Tokyo Day One 006r

The manhole cover of Tokyo.

Tokyo Day One 008r

One of three cows outside of a Kobe beef restaurant.

Tokyo Day One 009r

Another of the cows.

Tokyo Day One 011r

The golden cow.

Tokyo Day One 012r

These are Mosburger’s super fattening sandwiches.

Tokyo Day One 017r

Brittany ordered some cheese toast.

Tokyo Day One 018

Vegan tomato risotto.

Tokyo Day One 019r

Green curry.

Tokyo Day One 020r

Red Curry.

Tokyo Day One 025r

Giving cleansing lessons at Sensoji.


Mom walking through the good luck wreath.

Tokyo Day One 030r

Teddy doing the same.

Tokyo Day One 037r

I showed them how to pray at a both a temple and a shrine.

Tokyo Day One 042r

Prayer placards at Sensoji.

Tokyo Day One 047r

Tanabata decorations at Sensoji.

Tokyo Day One 058r

Five storied pagoda at Sensoji.

Tokyo Day One 065r

Inside Sensoji.

Tokyo Day One 077r

Lantern at Sensoji.

Tokyo Day One 079r

More prayer placards.

Tokyo Day One 085r

The three of us at Sensoji.

Tokyo Day One 088r

I tried sake ice cream!

The next post will be more about Asakusa and Hachiko!


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