Nagoya Castle and Osu with Mom and Brittany

Today, we all rolled out of bed super early – me due to excitement, Mom and Brittany due to jet lag. I made us breakfast, and then we headed off to mine and Teddy’s school.

Visit to TIS 003r

We had the kids sing songs in English and Japanese to my mom and Brittany.

Visit to TIS 009r

They also gave them presents.

Cell Pics 005

After that, we took the subway to Nagoya Castle.

Cell Pics 006

Here we are in the construction area in our super sexy helmets.

Nagoya Castle 002r

A wall decoration at the castle.

Nagoya Castle 004r

Here are some of the newly restored screens at the castle.

Nagoya Castle 009r

A cute baby leopard!!

Nagoya Castle 011r

Brittany and Mom in one of the rooms!

Nagoya Castle 012r

Me and Teddy love these cute little cats!

Nagoya Castle 015r

A closeup of one of the cats.

Nagoya Castle 018r

This room reminds me of this video.

Nagoya Castle 027r

In this room, you could see how the various nailess joints are put together, and you can try putting them together and taking them apart.

Nagoya Castle 029r

This is the main keep of the castle.

Nagoya Castle 035r

Mom and Brittany in the construction area.

Nagoya Castle 038

And here they are in front of the keep.

Nagoya Castle 045r

This is part of a scaled down model of the castle and its original surroundings.

Nagoya Castle 051r

Teddy and Brittany “carrying” my mom in her palanquin.

Nagoya Castle 060r

Me pulling the rocks to test my strength!!

Nagoya Castle 064r

Brittany, my mom, and me sitting on a replica of the golden dolphin.

Nagoya Castle 075r

This… interesting statue was in a collection of children’s toys.

Nagoya Castle 085r

There were beautiful red dragonflies at the castle today!

Nagoya Castle 086r

The three of us in our beautiful hats in front of the castle!

Nagoya Castle 092r

A Steelers pride dragonfly!

Nagoya Castle 094r

We got some Japanese style sweets, too!

Cell Pics 007

I took them to feed the pigeons at Osu Kannon!

Osu 011r

My mom is shocked at the pigeons’ bad behavior!

Osu 013r

I’m holding the pigeons happily and peacefully.

Osu 024r

But now – they have crossed the LINE!

Cell Pics 008

Brittany feeding the pigeons.

Osu 029r

Here’s Teddy getting judgey!

Cell Pics 009

We took them to get delicious fried doughnuts filled with bean paste.

Osu 002r

The pizza place was closed, so we took them to get falafel instead.

Osu 004r

Tanabata decorations.

Osu 031r

My mom is looking COOL.

Osu 033r

We always see this place, and it is SUPER CROWDED. We finally got to go in today. The inside was not as amazing as I had anticipated.

Cell Pics 010

A perfectly timed picture of waiting for the train at Kamimaezu.

Cell Pics 011

Mom and Brittany watching a baum cake being made.

Cell Pics 012

I also took them to Mozo!

Second Night in Japan 001r

Our second meal. Tomorrow we are off to Tokyo to see Hachiko. 🙂


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  1. Marie Elder
    Jul 04, 2014 @ 21:56:16

    Looks like fun….the trip of a lifetime!!!!


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