Mom and Brittany Come to Japan!!

Yesterday, Teddy and I headed to Centrair to meet my mom and Brittany. It’s their first time overseas!! 😀

Cell Pics 001

Their plane is arriving at the gate!!

Cell Pics 002

They looked super energetic for just having been on a plane for 12 hours!

Cell Pics 003

Still in the airport! Welcome to Central Japan, guys!!

First NIght in Japan 002r

Neither my mom nor Brittany are proficient at chopsticks, so I bought them utensil sets in case we happen upon a restaurant with nothing but chopsticks.

First Night in Japan 004r

My mom is thrilled to finally try the famous chuhai!

First Night in Japan 007r

I made salad and minestrone for their first meal!

Cell Pics 004

Both stayed up respectably late at our urging, and have crashed into their futons for a good night’s sleep.

Well, that is all for the first (short) day. The next post will be about our adventures today!


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