Parties with Friends and Tsushima Tenno Matsuri

The day after my Mom and Brittany went home, we had a going away party for Hannah, one of our teachers. It kind of also acted as a welcome party for 3 incoming teachers.

Hannahs Goodbye Party 001r

Tada! Check out how many people fit in our apartment!

Hannahs Goodbye Party 004r

There was SO MUCH FOOD. Here are the desserts.

Hannahs Goodbye Party 003r


Hannahs Goodbye Party 002r

And more food!

Miriam Visits 003r

The next day, my friend Miriam came over and brought her friend!

Miriam Visits 002r

This was the food I made for Miriam and her friend.

Tonight, we went to Tsushima Tenno Matsuri.

Tsushima Tenno Matsuri 076r

First, we watched fireworks.

Tsushima Tenno Matsuri 122r

The fireworks were super pretty.

Tsushima Tenno Matsuri 137r

We weren’t in the best place to see them, but I still got some cool pictures.

Tsushima Tenno Matsuri 185r

Finally, the 5 lantern floats came through.

Tsushima Tenno Matsuri 199r

Another shot of one of the boats.

Tsushima Tenno Matsuri 207r

The boats all in a row.

Tsushima Tenno Matsuri 224r

Another one of all of the boats.

Well, that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed the festival!!


Nagoya Science Center and Maidreamin

Today, we took Mom and Brittany to the science center, karaoke, and to a maid cafe.


Tenno Matsuri Eve

Tonight, Brittany, Teddy, and I went to Tenno Matsuri Eve.


Yoro Falls

Today, we got up early and had breakfast at Eternal Coffee across the street. Then, it was off to the train station!


Yukata Outing!

Today, I mistakenly believed there was a festival. Actually, it is tomorrow. So, we all got dressed up.


Usagi to Cafe

After Inuyama, we headed back to Nagoya and got lunch at Solo Pizza. The chef there won an award at a pizza competition in Italy for the World’s Best Pizza!



This morning we went to Inuyama to see the castle.


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