Flower Festivals

The last couple of months have been filled with beautiful flowers. This month, hydrangeas and irises are in bloom.

Melon Pan Truck 004r

Friday night, we watched the most recent Percy Jackson movie and had delicious mango and chocolate-chestnut melon pan from the melon truck that parks outside Tsutaya on Fridays. Yum!

Garden 2014 030r

Finally, we managed to get a tomato from our tomato plants!!

Today, we biked 9.5 km to Inazawa to see the Hydrangea Festival. I was amused that we saved time by biking. On the train plus bus, it would have taken over 1 hour to get there, but it only takes an hour by bicycle!

Inazawa Ajisai Matsuri 003r

Inazawa is super boons, though. Here are some tadpoles swimming in a rice paddy.

Inazawa Ajisai Matsuri 007r

Seriously, Inazawa was all rice paddies and farm land. They DO have an idol group, apparently, though!

Inazawa Ajisai Matsuri 010

The manhole cover of Inazawa.

Inazawa Ajisai Matsuri 016r

Some purple-pink hydrangeas.

Inazawa Ajisai Matsuri 018r

Blue ones.

Inazawa Ajisai Matsuri 021r

Here I am with the flowers.

Inazawa Ajisai Matsuri 023r

Another variety of purple blooms.

Inazawa Ajisai Matsuri 035r

Inazawa mascots.

Inazawa Ajisai Matsuri 074r

The festival was at Shokaiji, a temple in Inazawa.

Inazawa Ajisai Matsuri 054r

These little blossoms were cute and cuplike.

Inazawa Ajisai Matsuri 062r

There were also beautiful two-toned flowers.

Inazawa Ajisai Matsuri 071r

The different types of blossoms had different amounts of petals.

Inazawa Ajisai Matsuri 077r

I liked these cute frilly pink flowers.

After the festival, we biked back to Nagoya and went to the mall.

Bread Factory 002r

We got super cute bread at the Bread Factory in Mozo.

After the mall, we biked over to the iris garden at Shonai Ryokuchi Koen, our neighborhood park.

Iris Matsuri 001r

A purple iris.

Iris Matsuri 003r

A purple, white, and yellow one.

Iris Matsuri 008r

They had yellow ones, too!

Iris Matsuri 014r

A shot of the whole iris bed.

Iris Matsuri 023r

Me in front of some of the irises.

Iris Matsuri 024r

A close-up.

Iris Matsuri 031r

Well, that is all for this weekend! Have a great week!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Jun 08, 2014 @ 21:34:35

    Beautiful flowers and you look very pretty too, Jen.


  2. Barbara Lange
    Jun 09, 2014 @ 04:39:11

    I love hydrangeas! These are absolutely beautiful. The bread looked a little like a rock fell on bambi at first but then I saw it was a turtle (he-he)


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