This weekend was mainly spent with friends, and included two parties for a teacher who is leaving to go back to the US to get her teaching certification.

Kristas Goodbye Dinner 001r

The teachers getting ready to eat.

Kristas Goodbye Dinner 002r

Another shot of us.

Kristas Goodbye Dinner 005r

I can pick up the Japanese teacher because she’s absolutely tiny.

Kristas Goodbye Dinner 007r

Here is the guest of honor with the food.

Kristas Goodbye Dinner 015r

A lot of us played games after dinner.

Kristas Goodbye Dinner 021r

We played a Namedropper-type game, which had 4 rounds instead of three. On the fourth round, you had to pose a member from the opposing team to get your team to guess.

Kristas Goodbye Dinner 026r

More posing.

Kristas Goodbye Dinner 027r

Even more poses.

Love Pacific Cafe 015r

Saturday, we went with the Japanese teacher to Love Pacific Cafe. For lunch, you can get a set that includes a burger, a make your own salad bar, and a soup.

Love Pacific Cafe 016r

They had a new burger this time – the miso katsu veggie burger. Yum! After eating, Satomi took me to a lingerie store and helped me get measured to see what my Japanese bra size was. So, I got to buy cute underwear, too! Yay!

That evening, we met up with other friends for dinner and drinks. It was a really good day!

Today, I took some pictures of my garden.

Garden 2014 017r

A Korean hot pepper.

Garden 2014 018r

This is an Odamaki. I don’t know the English name.

Garden 2014 019r

Baby cilantro!

Garden 2014 020r

Mini Sunflowers.

Garden 2014 021r

Yummy basil.

Garden 2014 022r

Cherry tomatoes.

Garden 2014 023r

Another variety of cherry tomatoes.

Garden 2014 024r


Garden 2014 025r

A big zucchini!

Garden 2014 028r

I got two zucchini from my plants.

Blueberry Acai Hanayuki 001r

I got some yummy shaved ice at the Hawaiian festival today.

Outback Steakhouse 001r

We also went to Krista’s going away party at the Outback. We got salads and fries. 😀

Well, that is all for this weekend. If the weather cooperates, next weekend should include the beach and a Hydrangea festival!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    Jun 02, 2014 @ 04:18:53

    Your garden looks wonderful!!


  2. Marie Elder
    Jun 02, 2014 @ 07:24:57

    Nice veggies! You are quite the gardener.


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