Taco Party and Hanging Out Downtown

This weekend was filled with hanging out. I had a sore throat, and that totally put a damper on the hike I wanted to do. Instead, I slept a ton. But we still managed to have fun!

Friday, we had two teachers from our school over!

Taco Party 003r

The three of us with our tofu tacos. I made these tacos based off of Mad Mex’s tofu tacos. They are delicious, and include tomato-cooked rice, slow cooker beans, glazed tofu, avocado cream, pico de gallo, and sour cream! Yum!!

Taco Party 004r

Me and Teddy.

Taco Party 007r

My new creme brulee torch! It works SUPER WELL!

Taco Party 010r

Satomi and Hannah wanted to do my hair and makeup. My hair’s super thin, so I had to dampen it. 😀

Taco Party 015r

Here I am, mid-makeover.

Taco Party 029r

Both Hannah and Satomi were like, “It’s hard to tie an obi!” So, here i am demonstrating. I don’t think I convinced anyone that it’s not hard.

Taco Party 031r

Satomi is preparing to spin me out of my obi.

Taco Party 033r

I spun and then fell to the ground. LOL.

Saturday, we totally hung out and relaxed like all day. Today, we biked to Osu and had lunch. We also saw a “No Nukes” parade. It was protesting the use of nuclear power in Japan.

No Nukes Parade 002r

People holding signs, petitioning for no more nuclear power for the safety and future of the children of Japan.

No Nukes Parade 004r

There were interesting costumes in the parade, such as this giraffe.

No Nukes Parade 012r

Another interesting costume-wearer, in front of a “No More Hibakusha” sign. Hibakusha are the victims from nuclear disasters.

No Nukes Parade 013r

Another lady from the parade.

No Nukes Parade 022r

Mario was in the parade, too.

No Nukes Parade 027r

These people are calling for the decommissioning of the Hamaoka Reactor.

Hakurinji 002r

After watching the parade, we walked over to Sakae. On our way there, we noticed Hakurinji, a temple.

Hakurinji 008r

The altar at Hakurinji.

Hakurinji 010r


St Moritz 001r

Later, we went to St. Moritz, a cafe in Sakae. We got the apple pie. It was yummy, but nothing like American apple pie.

Well, that’s all for this weekend!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    May 25, 2014 @ 22:51:54

    Looks like you have some great friends…..and you and Teddy look good!


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