Weekend in Kyoto: Friday and Saturday

This weekend, we went to Kyoto for my birthday and to attend the Liquor Mountain Wine Festival!

We had to work Friday, so after work we came home, grabbed our bags, and headed to Kyoto to check into our hotel and have dinner.

Mumokuteki 010r

We ate at Mumokuteki, which is not vegetarian, but has veg-friendly options. You have to be careful because some dishes include fish stock. This is the vegetable curry.

Mumokuteki 011r

We also got the soy meat salad, which was super yummy.

After dinner, we hung out at the river before going back to the hotel.

The next day, we took the subway to Kitayama, which is near where we used to live.

Kitayama Station 002r

The Kyoto School of Design makes really cool artwork for the subway walls.

Clientele 005

We got cake for breakfast cause we’re cool like that. We went to Clientele, my favorite cake shop! Teddy got the San Marc.

Clientele 006

I got the Savarin, my favorite cake!

Kyoto Garden of Fine Art 003r

After Clientele, we went to the Kyoto Garden of Fine Art, which costs only 100 yen!

Kyoto Garden of Fine Art 006r

An old school Japanese manga.

Kyoto Garden of Fine Art 013r

A dragon.

Kyoto Garden of Fine Art 016r

A detailed, Chinese style drawing.

Kyoto Garden of Fine Art 021r

This is foamy water at the Garden of Fine Arts.

After that, we walked about another half a block to the botanical gardens, which is 200 for general admission, and an additional 200 if you want to see the greenhouse.

Shokubutsuen 013r

Pretty blue flowers.

Shokubutsuen 039

Some varieties of lotus are just beginning to bloom.

Shokubutsuen 081r

These are called Ladies’ Teardrops in English (more commonly known as Fuchsia) and are one of my favorites.

Shokubutsuen 086r

Another variety.

Shokubutsuen 099r

The cacti were in bloom, too!!

Shokubutsuen 127r

I was super excited that I got to see a BABY PINEAPPLE growing! Like, how cute is this pineapple????

Shokubutsuen 168r

Here is a beautiful butterfly with beautiful flowers.

Demachiyanagi 021r

After the gardens, we went to Demachiyanagi with the intent of visiting Falafel Garden. It has closed since the last time we were in Kyoto! 😦 (As has Proverbs and Miko-an… sad times…) Here I am at the river with my super cute kitty stockings!

Demachiyanagi 067r

One of these cuties stole half of Teddy’s egg sandwich!!

Sunshine Cafe 005

We ended up at Sunshine Cafe for lunch. We got the tempeh pitas, and I got the “Beautiful Skin” tea.

Capricciosa 006

That evening, we went to Capricciosa for dinner. We got the couples’ set. Here is our salad.

Capricciosa 007

We chose the garlic-tomato pasta.

Capricciosa 008

For our pizza, we got the margherita.

Well, that is all for Friday and Saturday! The next post will be about Sunday!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    May 13, 2014 @ 11:46:28

    Beautiful flowers, and pictures. The salad looks super yummy!


  2. Marie Elder
    May 13, 2014 @ 22:21:10

    Pizza looks interesting…..sorry Teddy lost his sandwich….sounds like fun!


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