Tsushima Fuji Matsuri

Today was the final day of Tsushima’s Fuji Matsuri, so we hopped on the train and headed out to the boonies. It was beautiful! (Though, the peak was probably a week ago.)

Fuji Matsuri 003r

This cool lantern was on our way from Tsushima Station to the park where all the wisteria (Fuji) were.

Fuji Matsuri 007r

On our way to the festival, we stopped at the shrine. This tree had a very cool rope wrapped around it, marking it as a sacred tree where the gods live.

Fuji Matsuri 020r

The azalea are still in bloom.

Fuji Matsuri 023r

Here I am, once again dressed so inappropriately for the occasion. These are some special hoops that you are supposed to pass through for some type of reason (Luck, maybe??) This kid is totally taking a fabulous upskirt of me, I’m sure.

Fuji Matsuri 026r

The other two hoops were much easier for me to navigate.

Fuji Matsuri 031r

Teddy was dressed much more appropriately, though I’m sure his height did not help him out much here…

Fuji Matsuri 038r

Apparently, they have a float festival in late July, so we may come back to see that.

Fuji Matsuri 041r

Tsushima, like most Japanese cities, has cute manhole covers. I am still kind of pissed that both of the cities we’ve lived in have had crappy manhole covers. (Nagoya has a water glider bug, and Kyoto is like some kind of ninja star or some nonsense.)

Fuji Matsuri 048r

Beautiful wisteria! Take note – to see the full bloom, you may want to check this out the last week of April.

Fuji Matsuri 050r

Wisteria over the lake.

Fuji Matsuri 058r

Me with the wisteria.

Fuji Matsuri 060r

Another pretty shot.

Fuji Matsuri 061r

Here is a close up. There were actually six varieties of flowers!

Fuji Matsuri 070r

I got wisteria flavored ice cream (it tasted like grape) and Teddy got melon.

Fuji Matsuri 093r

We saw a taiko performance while we were there.

Fuji Matsuri 103

The taiko performance.

Fuji Matsuri 107r

Festival food.

Fuji Matsuri 111r

Japan has many ridiculous mascots – this is Tsushima’s mascot.

Fuji Matsuri 114r

The wisteria over the river.

Fuji Matsuri 123r

Me and Teddy with the flowers.

Fuji Matsuri 128r

Another pretty shot of the flowers.

Fuji Matsuri 132r

A close-up.

Fuji Matsuri 138r

And another.

Fuji Matsuri 146r

This is a different type of wisteria.

Fuji Matsuri 151r

They even had white ones!

Well, that is all for this weekend. Next weekend, we’ll head to Kyoto for the Liquor Mountain Festival and my birthday, so I’m sure I’ll have lovely photos from there!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    May 07, 2014 @ 23:46:43

    Lovely flowers…..you both look great, also!


  2. Barbara Lange
    May 09, 2014 @ 09:44:06

    The wisteria is so beautiful, it’s one of my favorite flowers. The ice cream looks really good!


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