Food, Flowers, and Cats!

The past weekend and week we just kind of relaxed on our days off. Even school was relaxing, because it was a daycare week, which meant we could choose to take off, prep, or go on field trips. We are saving our vacation for when my mom comes this summer, so we prepped and went on one of the field trips.

Curry Rice 001r

I made this curry rice with ingredients we received in our Warabemura Organic Vegetable Box. It’s kind of like a CSA box, but you order it by the week. They also sell lots of other cool stuff – I think most of it is vegan friendly.

Garden 2014 001r

We also biked to the home center two weekends ago so I could get plants for my balcony garden. This is the plants on April 22nd…

Garden 2014 006r

… and this is them today, May 3rd. Clearly, they must love me! 😀

Last weekend, we biked down to Nagoya Port. It was pretty far.

Nagoya Port 006r

We saw many beautiful azaleas! They are everywhere in Nagoya.

Latin Quarter 001r

When you bike for an hour and a half, you can eat anything you want, so we went to Quartier Latin, a delicious cake shop that my phone found for me. They gave us cookies with our drinks.

Latin Quarter 002r

I got a citron tart and Teddy got an almond sponge cake. They were delicious.

Sama Sama 006

We biked back up to Fushimi, parked our bikes, and then went to Sama Sama for dinner. We started out with an avocado and daikon salad.

Sama Sama 009

We got a tempeh stir fry next. We also had stuffed, fried tofu.

After that, we were tired, so we went to karaoke, and then left our bikes in the parking lot and took the subway back. We returned the next day to have more fun and to retrieve our bikes.

Osu 008r

This is a mosaic of constellation characters inside Fushimi Station.

Osu 013r

There were beautiful spring ornaments hanging in the Osu shopping arcades.

Osu 014

This is just a pretty wall I found on a storefront in Osu.

Osu 015r>

And this is a fabulous outfit. Yes, people really do wear stuff similar to this. (Though maybe not in this combination…)

Regnie 018r

And we got cake again! This time, we got it from Regnie. Teddy got a raspberry pistachio cake.

Regnie 020r

I got a blueberry tart.

Vegan Cannelloni 001r

I also made vegan cannelloni. The filling was a combination of spices, cashews, tofu, and other seasonings. It was pretty good, but I feel like it was to heavy on the cashews. I’d definitely try it again, but I’d change the recipe. This is the recipe I used.

Tuesday was a holiday, but it rained, so we took the subway to Fushimi to go to lunch.

Akbar 001

We went to Akbar, an Indian restaurant. They unfortunately did not have any vegetarian lunch sets that day, so we ordered from the regular menu. We got a salad to share.

Akbar 002

Then they gave us a salad as a “saabisu”, which means for free. So we ate a lot of salad. I liked the free salad better than the one we ordered.

Akbar 003

We tried the tomato and garlic naan, which kind of tasted like pizza. It was really delicious.

Akbar 004r

We tried two curries. The first one was chana masala.

Akbar 005r

We also got spinach and paneer curry. Both were really good, but they weren’t spicy at all.

Cat Street 002r

After that, we went to Cat Street, a nice cat cafe in Sakae where all the cats have food and beverage related names. This is Bisuke, one of my favorite cats there.

Cat Street 006r

This is Daifuku. He looks like my cat Tigger, but white. I like him a lot, but he usually hides at the top of the cat tree.

Cat Street 021r

This is Riputon, a fabulous Persian cat.

Cat Street 023r

This is Mocha. She is cute and was pretty friendly this time.

Cat Street 030r

Another picture of Bisuke.

Thursday, we went on a field trip to Shonyuudou, a limestone cave in Gifu. Though Gifu is right next to Aichi, where we live, this was in the far, far corner of Gifu. It took over three hours to get there. These pictures are not very good quality because they were taken with my phone in the dark.

Shonyuudou 001

It is times like these that I am thankful for being short! The other adults had to stoop over to walk through parts of the cave, but I just had to be careful, because the ceiling only brushed the top of mine!

Shonyuudou 002

Here are some of the stalactites!

Shonyuudou 003

They had colored lights on most of the rocks.

Shonyuudou 004

Some sparkly looking, blue lit ones.

Honey Sesame Tofu 002r

Last night, I made us some yummy Honey-sesame glazed tofu and roasted Brussels Sprouts. We also had a pretty amazing salad, but I didn’t take a picture of it because I was too hungry.

Farm Box 005r

Our vegetable box this time had nothing scary. We got mizuna, spinach, bok choy, gobo, potatoes, onions, ginger, and nira. I’ve eaten it, but never cooked with gobo, so I’m excited to try!

Well, that’s all for now! Our fabulous four day weekend has begun, so hopefully I will have more fabulous pictures for you soon!


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  1. Marie Elder
    May 04, 2014 @ 00:39:44

    Great pictures and the cats are so pretty……


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