Togokuyama Fruits Park

Today we hopped on our bikes and embarked on a super long ride to Togokuyama Fruits Park in Moriyama-ku. On our way there, we passed through Kasugai and Kita-Nagoya Cities.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 001r

To keep ourselves from getting lost as we wound our way through the boonies, we did our best to keep the Shonai River to our right and the JR Chuo Line to our left. Here’s a pretty path by the Shonai River.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 003

Once I saw the sign welcoming us to Kasugai City, I searched for the manhole covers.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 005r

A cute stream in Kasugai.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 009

I then saw signs welcoming us to Kita-Nagoya City. Here is a cool bicolor tree I found there.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 011

Kita-Nagoya has cuter manhole covers than Nagoya does.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 018r

Two hours later, we arrived at Togokuyama Fruits Park!

Togokuyama Fruits Park 026r

I never realized just how many varieties of cherry blossoms there are!

Togokuyama Fruits Park 037r

We got some Gohenmochi and Sports drinks to refuel.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 039r

Next, we went inside the Tropical Fruit Trees of the World Greenhouse.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 051r

This is a baby lemon!!

Togokuyama Fruits Park 053r

These are pitangas. I have never seen them before, but they look cool.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 065r

I can’t find the name of these in my brochure, but they were cool looking, too, I thought.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 075r


Togokuyama Fruits Park 078r

Cute pumpkin type decorations carved from a round, hard shelled fruit called Hyotannoki.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 079r

They even made an Okinawan three stringed guitar out of one!!

Togokuyama Fruits Park 083r

Cherry and rape blossoms.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 094r

Yet ANOTHER variety of cherry blossom.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 095r

And another! I was seriously amazed at the variety.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 112

This is a karin blossom. I don’t know what karin are in English, but let me warn you that eating them raw is a bad idea.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 122r

We shared this yummy fruit parfait at the restaurant in the park.

Togokuyama Fruits Park 125r

This is the last variety of sakura I saw.

After the Fruits Park, we biked an hour and a half to Tsurumai.

Mugal Palace 001r

We had dinner at Mugal Palace, a place we happened to see walking by when we were last in Tsurumai.

Mugal Palace 005r

The samosas were an amazing treat, and they came with a REAL dipping sauce, not the disgusting ketchup and mayo crap they like to give you at most J-Indian places.

Mugal Palace 006

We got the Butter Paneer Masala and the Aloo Baigan Curries. The Aloo Baigan was AMAZING, but the Butter Paneer was nothing to write home about.

Mugal Palace 009

The cheese naan was supremely cheesy.

Mugal Palace 011

They gave us complimentary coconut jelly for dessert.

After, we relaxed for about an hour in Tsurumai Koen enjoying the illuminated cherry blossoms before biking the 45 minutes home.

As long as the weather continues to be nice, you can expect more pretty posts this week!


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  1. Marie Elder
    Apr 03, 2014 @ 22:29:51

    I love your posts……the cherry blossoms are beautiful!


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