Sakura and Castles

Today, we ate delicious vegetarian food and saw beautiful sakura (seems to be a theme this week).

Jinenan 006r

First, we started our day by dining at Jinenan, a lovely restaurant in Irinaka.

Inuyama Spring 2014 014r

Next, we went to Inuyama, a cute town north of Nagoya.

Inuyama Spring 2014 020r

Inuyama Castle is one of the few remaining original castles in Japan.

Inuyama Spring 2014 032r

A close-up of the castle.

Inuyama Spring 2014 053r

I took this shot from inside the castle.

Inuyama Spring 2014 058r

I was trying to get myself some sakura ice cream, but they were sold out. The other flavors were fabulously translated…

Inuyama Spring 2014 071r

Instead of ice cream, we got cake sets. Teddy got a chocolate tart and coffee.

Inuyama Spring 2014 074r

I got New York cheesecake and tea.

Inuyama Spring 2014 082r

These beautiful blossoms were down by the Kiso River.

Inuyama Spring 2014 090r

Weeping sakura by the river.

Inuyama Spring 2014 097r

This Naito Pabu made us smile.

Inuyama Spring 2014 108

A beautiful raked stone garden.

Inuyama Spring 2014 118

A cute fox at an Inari Shrine.

Inuyama Spring 2014 128r

An awesome dragon at – are you ready for this name? – Daihonzannaritasannagoyabetsuin Daishoji. Really, that is the name of this temple.

Inuyama Spring 2014 142

One of the retainers of Fudo-Myou.

Inuyama Spring 2014 150r

A big Daibutsu from the 1950s.

Inuyama Spring 2014 158


After Inuyama, we went back to Kamiotai, got off, bought some snacks at the conbini, and went to Nagoya Castle.

Nagoyajo Night 028r

Nagoyajo Night 052r

Sakura and Nagoya Castle at Night.

Nagoyajo Night 057r

Another angle of the castle.

Sakae Spring 006r

After Nagoya Castle, we went to Sakae for a little while.

That’s all for today!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    Apr 03, 2014 @ 06:35:02

    The picture from inside the castle is really interesting….the combination of new and old. The cherry blossoms are awesome!!!


  2. Marie Elder
    Apr 04, 2014 @ 02:48:37

    Great pictures……the blossoms are so pretty!


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