Sakura Everywhere!

We have this whole week off, so we’ve been relaxing, riding our bikes, and eating yummy foods!

Eternal Cafe 005r

Yesterday, we walked across the street to Eternal Cafe, a small coffee shop that has really cheap meal sets. This is the Morning B Set – a salad, hot coffee, and buttered toast with sweet red beans. It’s only 380 yen.

Love Pacific Cafe 008r

After breakfast, we headed to Fujigaoka, did some karaoke, and then shopped at Yamaya. We then headed back to the city center and had lunch/dinner at LOVE Pacific Cafe, a yummy vegan place. We both got mushroom soup and teriyaki soy meat donburi.

Nagoya Castle Sakura 010r

Today, we rode our bikes down to Nagoya Castle for some hanami (flower viewing).

Nagoya Castle Sakura 014r

Teddy overlooking the sakura-filled valley.

Nagoya Castle Sakura 017r

Cherry blossoms.

Nagoya Castle Sakura 019r

Our delicious hanami picnic of strawberries, salad with sesame dressing, inarizushi, and daigakuimo (glazed sweet potatoes), all from Heiwado. Heiwado’s inarizushi is FREAKING AMAZING. Like, the BEST I have ever tasted. You have to get the “Meibutsu” (名物) variety, though. If there is a Heiwado near you, do yourself a favor and go buy some.

Nagoya Castle Sakura 024r

Shidarezakura (Weeping cherry blossoms).

Nagoya Castle Sakura 041r

There are many camellias in Nagoya, and they are BEAUTIFUL.

Nagoya Castle Sakura 056r

This adorable bird was eating pollen or nectar from the cherry blossoms. Does anyone know what he is?

Nagoya Castle Sakura 046r

The castle.

Nagoya Castle Sakura 063r

More weeping cherry blossoms.

Nagoya Castle Sakura 083r

The lake at Nagoya Castle.

Nagoya Castle Sakura 092r

Me beside the lake.

After the castle, we continued biking and went to Osu to meet up with Nico, a person I met through WordPress who just moved to Nagoya! We all went to Gateaux de la mere Souriante, a delicious cake shop in Osu.

Gateaux de la mere Souriante 011r

They gave us some complimentary madelines.

Gateaux de la mere Souriante 013r

Teddy got a lemon cheesecake.

Gateaux de la mere Souriante 014r

Nico got a raspberry, no-bake cheesecake.

Gateaux de la mere Souriante 012r

I got a sakura rollcake.

After the cake, Teddy and I continued on to Tsurumai Koen to see more cherry blossoms.

Tsurumai Koen Sakura 008r

My chuhai matches nature!

Tsurumai Koen Sakura 021r

One of the many lakes at Tsurumai Koen.

Tsurumai Koen Sakura 037r

Sakura hanging over the water.

Tsurumai Koen Sakura 056r

Sitting on a rock near a lake in Tsurumai Koen.

Tsurumai Koen Sakura 070r

This funny looking bird was strutting around at the park. Does anyone know what he is?

Tsurumai Koen Sakura 096r

The sakura were illuminated once the sun went down.

Well, that is all for today! As long as the weather cooperates, you can expect more lovely sakura photos in the near future!


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  1. Marie Elder
    Apr 01, 2014 @ 23:41:29

    The bird looks ready to dance.


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