Port of Nagoya Aquarium

Today, we got ourselves some weekend subway passes, and went all over the city.

We started our day by getting lunch at Jinenan, a vegan place that was recommended to us by the chef at Kiharutei, a pork cutlet restaurant with a vegetarian selection.

For 1000 yen, we got a TON of food.

Jinenan 001r

The meal.

Jinenan 003r

The dessert.

After eating, we walked around Irinaka a little bit.

Irinaka Park 006r

We saw this cute baby crane! He was smaller than a crow!

Next, we headed to Nagoya Port.

Nagoya Aquarium 001r

The huge ice cream parfait on the left is called “Unbelievable”, and the one right beside it is called “Never Give Up!” I can’t even imagine how a person could eat this.

Nagoya Aquarium 014r

We ended up deciding to visit the aquarium. Here is a killer whale.

Nagoya Aquarium 044

I thought this dolphin was really cool looking.

Nagoya Aquarium 068r

A beluga shooting water out of its spout.

Nagoya Aquarium 089r

There is also a training area for the dolphins where you can see them do tricks.

Nagoya Aquarium 095r

A dolphin jumping.

Nagoya Aquarium 102r

I love these cute sand snake creatures.

Nagoya Aquarium 143r

There were many displays of coral and starfish.

Nagoya Aquarium 158r

There were also about 5 tanks of jellyfish.

Nagoya Aquarium 193r

This crab was immense. Like, it could have seriously wrapped me up in its creepy arms. Even creepier, some Japanese lady looked at this crab, and literally said, “Ohh, I’d like to eat that!” WTF, really, lady??? Who says that stuff at an aquarium? This was seriously not the first time I’ve heard a Japanese person talk about eating the animals in a zoo/aquarium, and it freaks me out each and every time.

Nagoya Aquarium 203r

These crabs will haunt your dreams.

Nagoya Aquarium 207

This is the fattest starfish I have ever seen.

Nagoya Aquarium 227r

The aquarium had super cute turtles.

Nagoya Aquarium 235r

This cute little guy (born in August 2013) was absolutely intrigued by his own reflection.

Nagoya Aquarium 247r

I never realized how bizarre Loggerhead Turtles were until today.

Well, that’s all for the aquarium!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Mar 23, 2014 @ 03:13:27

    I wouldn’t want to approach that shark!!!


  2. Barbara Lange
    Mar 29, 2014 @ 22:08:24

    Jen, these pictures are super excellent!


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