Little World In Inuyama

Today, I went to Little World, a theme park in Inuayama City, with 3 girls from my work. We had a really great time! Little World is a theme park that opened in 1983, and it features buildings, food, clothing, and stores that represent a variety of countries.

Ladies Day LW 011r

I saw this really pretty seashell in the Okinawa house.

Ladies Day LW 015r

I got some Okinawan doughnuts to try while we were in Okinawa.

Ladies Day LW 021r

Standing with the shisa!

Ladies Day LW 029r

At each country, you could pay to try on various costumes. Here is a couple dressed up.

Ladies Day LW 033r

Inside one of the buildings (I think in Indonesia?), there were these bizarre heads you could try on.

Ladies Day LW 035r

Hats and outwear hanging on a wall.

Ladies Day LW 051

In North America, we tried shooting bows and arrows. My first attempt was a complete fail, but I totally hit the bird target on this shot!

Ladies Day LW 058

Aiming for the targets!

Ladies Day LW 065r

There was an Alaskan building, too!

Ladies Day LW 069r

Native Alaskan artifacts.

Ladies Day LW 082r

A really cool gate made of stone and brick.

Ladies Day LW 086r

There were many cool artifacts near the ceilings of the buildings.

Ladies Day LW 089r

How would you like to see this above your bed? Because that’s where this was positioned.

Ladies Day LW 095r

We thought this house looked like a boat!

Ladies Day LW 114r

Posing in Germany.

Ladies Day LW 121r

This cool display detailed the process of creating a nutcracker.

Ladies Day LW 139

We got to see super cute llamas, too!!

Ladies Day LW 161r

African Plaza posing.

Ladies Day LW 164r

The African area had these really cool houses where we played hide and seek! I won!

Ladies Day LW 181r

This was inside a really cool temple replica.

Ladies Day LW 194r

We are so happy to be in Turkey!

Ladies Day LW 222r

A beautiful lamp post.

Ladies Day LW 232r

Korea had really nice plum blossoms.

Ladies Day LW 235r

They smelled delightful!

Ladies Day LW 239r

Here are some white blossoms.

Well, that’s all for Little World!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Mar 16, 2014 @ 22:38:52

    You look great, Jen! Sounds like you had fun.


  2. Shirley Donehoo
    Mar 16, 2014 @ 23:27:57

    This looks like a really great place!


  3. Barbara Lange
    Mar 17, 2014 @ 07:40:16

    Wonderful pictures! Looks like fun!!!


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