Cooking with Hannah! (And other food)

This post is all about food! (Yum!!)

I’ve made a few new recipes recently. This kabocha croquette one was just made up entirely by me, cause I’m cool like that.


I made Thai corn chowder and salad with them. Yum!!

Hummus Crusted Tofu 002r

I also made some yummy marinated, hummus crusted tofu. If tofu isn’t your thing, this would taste great on Quorn or chicken as well. The recipe recommended coating the tofu on all sides, but I figured that would just make a horrific mess, so I just spread it on top. It was great and it was easy! I served it over sauteed spinach and rice with a side of roasted Brussels Sprouts.

One of our favorite restaurants is Yuya Cafe, a small vegan cafe that’s abouta 12 minute bike ride from our apartment. We often go on Fridays.


This is last week’s daily set. It was really yummy.


This week, Teddy tried the pasta. It was a soymilk cream pasta, and it was delicious.


I stuck with the daily set. Everything was really good this day, too. Teddy said he liked my spring rolls better than Yuya’s, though.


Today, we got a bread lunch at the mall. We got two different breads to try – purple sweet potato bread and a burdock root (gobo in Japanese) slaw filled bread. I like the sweet bread better, but both were good.

Also today, we cooked with one of the teachers from our school. She loves baking, but doesn’t cook much, so I offered to teach her some quick recipes. She really likes Indian food, so we went with that. I have a really awesome book called “Indian in 6”. Each recipe uses 6 or less ingredients (but it doesn’t count salt, pepper, oil, or ginger-garlic paste in those 6, so most recipes are really about 10 ingredients), and most are pretty quick and simple. We also made naan, which is obviously not a 30 minute recipe. I also found a raita and a chai spice mix recipe online, so we made raita and home made chai, too!!

Cooking with Hannah 001r

Here we are making the raita.

Cooking with Hannah 006r

While we waited for the naan to rise and our raita to chill, we ate some snacks and enjoyed our chai tea.

Cooking with Hannah 012r

Cooking our curry!! We made potato and pea curry with cumin.

Cooking with Hannah 019r

The meal is finished! As you can see, the naan is not so authentic, plus something went wrong with the dough and it was SUPER sticky. It was yummy, though. It just didn’t taste naan-like.

Next week, as long as the weather is good, I should have a fabulous festival to share with you!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    Mar 09, 2014 @ 02:04:58

    Everything looks delicious!!


  2. Marie Elder
    Mar 09, 2014 @ 02:48:14

    Your food looks great…..your Mom is going to enjoy what you make. Wish I were able to travel…..I’d be right there!


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