Orchid Gardens

This evening, we rode our bikes down to Fushimi to try out a vegetarian cafe and to see the orchid gardens’ “Love Illumination”.

Love Pacific Cafe 001r

Teddy found a cafe called “Love Pacific Cafe”, which is about a 5 minute walk from the Nagoya Science Center. We got a salad and soy veggie meat burgers.

Love Pacific Cafe 003

The burger was super good! It wasn’t a single patty – it was more like chunks of glazed seitan on a bun.

Ran no Yakata Love 002r

After dinner, we walked over to Ran no Yakata – the orchid gardens.

Ran no Yakata Love 004r

It is almost Hina Matsuri, so there were cute little Hina Matsuri displays.

Ran no Yakata Love 005r

Another Hina Matsuri display.

Ran no Yakata Love 006r

Cute little flower girls.

Ran no Yakata Love 008r

A mirrored circle of cute figurines.

Ran no Yakata Love 012r

The orchids.

Ran no Yakata Love 015r

A beautiful orchid tree.

Ran no Yakata Love 020r

There were also heart wreaths made from orchids.

Ran no Yakata Love 032r

I love illuminations on lakes and ponds.

Ran no Yakata Love 035r


Ran no Yakata Love 040r

The pond from the other side.

Ran no Yakata Love 054r

They had a tree where you could post love wishes and/or your names, so we put ours up, too!

Tomorrow, we hope to try another vegetarian friendly place!


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  1. Barbara Lange
    Feb 23, 2014 @ 00:53:33



  2. Marie Elder
    Feb 23, 2014 @ 01:03:23

    I love the lights…..


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