Fun, Food and Friends

We eat a lot of yummy food in Nagoya – both at home, and in restaurants.

Last Sunday, we biked down to Pupu Kitchen for one of their “One Day Chef” Sunday lunches.

Pupu Kitchen 038r

1300 yen ($13) got us Sweet and Sour Stir fry with soy meat chunks, greens and mushroom saute, carrot salad, spring noodle salad, chickpea patty, soup, rice, and sweet potatoes with apple sauce. Yum!

After that, we biked to Osu to go to Amica and to eat cake at Gateaux de la mere Souriante.

Gateaux de la mere Souriante 006r

I got the baked lemon cheesecake.

Gateaux de la mere Souriante 005r

Teddy got a chocolate and banana cake.

Nabe 001

I also made nabe this week. It was my first try, and I think next time I need to make the broth more flavorful, but it was really fun!

Handmade Pottery 001r

We finally got back our pottery that we made way back in December with Takami!

Mexican Night 001r

Yesterday, we had a dinner party!! Here are Teddy and the kindergarten teacher making margaritas!

Mexican Night 002r

Here are the other teachers and the fabulous burrito assembly line!

Mexican Night 003r

I was super proud of the perfect shape of my cake. I don’t think I ever had one come out so nicely shaped!! It was a little too spicy, so next time I make it, I think I’m going to halve the spice – Japanese pepper is spicier than ancho chili pepper!

Mexican Night 004r

Here are the desserts! The one teacher brought a delicious creamy fruit salad, and another teacher brought almond spritz cookies!

Well, that is all for now! I hope you enjoyed the food!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    Feb 23, 2014 @ 00:51:26

    It looks like you all are having a wonderful time! So happy for you, miss you!


  2. Marie Elder
    Feb 23, 2014 @ 01:08:51

    Looks like you are adding to your recipes….looks good!


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