Takisanji Oni Matsuri

After the castle, we returned to Higashi Okazaki Station to catch a bus to the Takisanji Oni Matsuri, a festival which features a fabulous run around an old wooden holding flaming torches while men attempt to capture people (mostly children) dressed up as demons. Questionable in terms of safety, but pretty cool regardless. Unfortunately, you have to wait through a lot of strange stuff before they actually get to the 10-15 minutes of fire festival.

Takisanji Oni Matsuri 078r

These three people were chosen to throw sake-flavored candy at us. I caught some because it fell on my boots. Teddy managed to get hit in the face with some (he didn’t catch that packet), but he did catch a later packet.

Takisanji Oni Matsuri 092r

Here is the jolly candy throwing king.

Takisanji Oni Matsuri 135r

I think that they lit these torches just for fun. They really didn’t do anything with them other than beat them with brooms. However, check out the ridiculously large number of people!

Takisanji Oni Matsuri 178r

We watched men spin spears like batons.

Takisanji Oni Matsuri 183r

He totally fumbled the spear. People were wary of him from that point on. 😀

Takisanji Oni Matsuri 196r

There were also men with magic hoes.

Takisanji Oni Matsuri 217r

Here go the men carrying the soon-to-be torches.

Takisanji Oni Matsuri 222r

A festival lantern.

Takisanji Oni Matsuri 269

Tons of torches in wooden buildings. (They did have a ton of firemen on hand, as you can see in the picture!)

Takisanji Oni Matsuri 271r

One of the oni!

Takisanji Oni Matsuri 282r

The festival was super smoky!!

Takisanji Oni Matsuri 293r

The participants were very energetic!

Takisanji Oni Matsuri 296

Here is my lucky candy!

Well, that’s all for the festival! I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Feb 16, 2014 @ 00:38:53

    Sounds dangerous…..


  2. Barbara Lange
    Feb 16, 2014 @ 00:57:22

    Looks dangerous……….hope the candy was good!


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