Wandering Sapporo and Otaru Akari no Michi

Today, we wandered down to Sapporo Factory (a mall) and looked around for a bit. We also ate some yummy food, had some Sapporo beer, and hung out before heading out to Otaru to see a really cool lantern festival called Akari no Michi.

Sapporo Factory 003r

These are ads from Sapporo Beer’s past. I think the ability to make weird faces at your beer might be a requirement for being in these ads.

Sapporo Factory 012r

The door handles on the mall building were really cool at some of the exits!!

Sapporo Factory 013r

Our beer. Teddy got the Red Star, and I got the unfiltered Blonde Star.

Jagaimo House 002r

After the mall, we went back to Susukino to find Jagaimo House, a delicious croquette place we found this summer. I got a delicious cheese potato croquette. This meal was healthy because I got a salad!! 😀

Sapporo Station 001

Afterwards, we wandered on down to Sapporo Station, and found some yummy bread to snack on.


Finally, we made our way to Otaru.


Ice lanterns in the covered arcade.


There were many seasonally themed lanterns, like these momiji (maple leaf) ones.


Cute shapes in front of a lighted cave.


There were also many pretty lanterns hanging up.


An alcove filled with many cute things.


Here is another pressed flower lantern.


A lighted star.


Stars and a heart.


There were many adorable snowmen!


A snow couple!!


A lighted wall of snow.


Here are some cute little snow bunnies.


A slab of ice with berries and leaves.


There were many cute plastic wrapped cardboard cutouts on the one street.


A shot of the canal.


Here is the canal from the opposite end.


This one area had a ton of cute cat statues. Here are the “Cat Lovers”.


Teddy said that this reminded him of our cat Tigger and two of the little kittens.


We also made a grand return to Olive, a delicious Italian restaurant in Otaru that makes their own pizza dough and sauce. They also give you mountains of cheese.


Delicious, delicious pizza with a thick, chewy crust!

Otaru Akari no Michi 011

On our way back to the train station, we happened upon this cool ice tunnel!!

Otaru Akari no Michi 065r

Flowers frozen into a lantern.

Well, I hope you enjoyed Akari no Michi! Tomorrow, we wake up at the crack of dawn (5 AM) to catch our plane back to Nagoya!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    Feb 11, 2014 @ 04:23:48

    What an absolutely amazing festival. I loved the pressed flower lantern the best, also the berries and leaves. Safe travels home!!


  2. Marie Elder
    Feb 12, 2014 @ 00:50:57

    So many beautiful things!


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