Yuki Matsuri By Night

Today we flew to Sapporo to see Yuki Matsuri. Yuki Matsuri is a snow festival. This is the 65th year it’s been held.

Yuki Matsuri 002

Our hotel room is itsy bitsy. Here are the cute yukata in our room.

Yuki Matsuri 007r

In Odori Koen, there are many snow sculptures. Here is a building sized one.

Yuki Matsuri 009r

There are also cute little sculptures. The displays go on for 12 blocks.

Yuki Matsuri 015r

This cute sheep is one of the Yuki Matsuri mascots.

Yuki Matsuri 020

Here is another really cool building ice sculpture.

Yuki Matsuri 024r

It’s the Coca-Cola bear!!

Yuki Matsuri 029r

A super cute ice stage.

Yuki Matsuri 032r

Sausage Lollipops – Only 400 yen!

Yuki Matsuri 035

Here is a Winter Olympics sculpture.

Yuki Matsuri 041r

A singer performing in front of an ice castle. The range of ability of the singers was amazing. This girl was good. They also had people who sounded like they were dying. I’m pretty sure anyone in the crowd could have sung better.

Yuki Matsuri 051r

These ice bricks enclosed one of the smokers’ pavilions. I love this about Japan. In most cities, smoking on the streets is not allowed except for in designated areas, so you don’t have to breathe in disgusting cigarettes, nor do you need to worry about some inattentive smoker ruining your clothes by burning you. They do, however, allow smoking in most restaurants, which is pretty crappy.

Yuki Matsuri 053r

More cute ice sculptures!

Yuki Matsuri 058r

An ice stage in front of the TV Tower.

Yuki Matsuri 071r

Lights enclosed in ice!

Yuki Matsuri 075

Here is one of those fabulously creepy WTF Japan moments.

Yuki Matsuri 078r

One of the walkways had beautiful light columns.

Yuki Matsuri 105r

A demon statue in the Momotaro display.

Yuki Matsuri 108r

Momotaro fighting a demon.

Yuki Matsuri 121r

These sculptures were near the end of the displays in Odori Koen.

Yuki Matsuri 127r

A Shisa sculpture.

Yuki Matsuri 130r

This certainly wins the prize for weirdest sculpture. A mammogram? Really? Also, why is she smiling????

Yuki Matsuri 142r

I really liked this butterfly and lizard.

Yuki Matsuri 145r

These dragons were also super cool.

Yuki Matsuri 149r

Hello Kitty is as cute as ever.

Yuki Matsuri 156

Who needs snowplows?? Also, shoveling the sidewalks is not a thing here.

Yuki Matsuri 157r

Check out the cool way this hotel displayed their seafood selections!!

Well, that is all for tonight! I hope you enjoyed seeing Odori Koen!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Feb 09, 2014 @ 00:39:41

    Beautiful sculptures! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Barbara Lange
    Feb 09, 2014 @ 00:49:51

    Wonderful!! Loved your comment on the “mammogram” sculpture!


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