The Food of January

We really did not do much this month. For the first week, everything was closed for New Year’s, and after that, it was just plain cold. Plus, not much goes on in January. However, I decided to get on track and make my posts because next weekend, we’re going to Hokkaido for Yuki Matsuri, a really cool snow festival!!

Of course, even with not much to do, you still have to eat, so this post is all about food!

We went to both Yuya Cafe and Pupu Kitchen a couple of times this month. Both restaurants are vegan and delicious.

Yuya Cafe 020r

This is the daily set from Yuya Cafe. It is amazing, and only costs 1050 yen (about $10).

Yuya Cafe 021r

Another delicious set from Yuya.

Pupu Kitchen 026

This is the daily lunch set from Pupu Kitchen. It’s about 1250 yen (about $12). It is also quite delicious.

Pupu Kitchen 027r

Last Sunday, we went to the special chef’s meal at Pupu Kitchen. It was delicious. We also got stewed veggies, rice, and soup.

Tsukemono Sushi 001

This is a homemade creation. I made tsukemono (pickle) sushi, jaga (potato stew), and salad this past weekend.

Daizu Tebasaki 001

I also made soymeat tebasaki (Nagoya-style chicken wings). I tried to oven fry all healthy-style, but I think that this particular meat sub needs to be fried, so I’m trying that next time.

Chinese Meal 001

You can’t really get vegetarian Chinese in Nagoya (as far as I know!), so we’ve been craving it. I made us some finally!

Aburaage Misoyaki

I also made us some delicious fried tofu with miso paste. The Japanese teacher at my school taught me how to make it and it is amazing.

Well, that is all for now! Make sure you check back for snow festival fabulousness next week!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Feb 01, 2014 @ 00:11:39

    Food looks great….Happy New Year!


  2. Barbara Lange
    Feb 01, 2014 @ 06:12:27

    I miss your potato salad, vegetarian chili, and cheese bread the most!


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