Merry Christmas!!

This year, we had a dinner party with two of our fellow teachers on the Emperor’s Birthday to celebrate Christmas. Of course, we also did our traditional gift exchange on Christmas Eve (after work, of course).

Christmas Dinner Party 002r

Presents under the tree.

Christmas Dinner Party 010r

Two of our fellow teachers with their stockings.

Christmas Dinner Party 011r

The dinner I made. We had lasagne (made with kabocha from my friend’s father’s garden), salad, and challah.

Christmas Dinner Party 012r

About to eat!

Christmas Dinner Party 013r

Ready to enjoy our food.

Christmas Dinner Party 014r

This is the Christmas cake we bought. In Japan, the traditional Christmas dinner is KFC and strawberry shortcake. However, now, you can get chicken dinner from other places, and the Christmas cakes come in endless varieties. So, we got this delicious assorted tart.

The next day, we had to work. We will get off for New Years’ holidays from Saturday.

Christmas Eve 001r

So, our Christmas Eve meal was more low maintenance. I made grilled eggplant parmesan, pasta, salad, and garlic toast.

Next, we opened our gifts!

Christmas Eve 003r

Teddy’s mom sent him a game.

Christmas Eve 005r

It’s all kinds of cold at school, so I got Teddy warm clothes, including these.

Christmas Eve 008r

Barb sent me these majestic slippers.

Christmas Eve 009r

She sent this Pyrex set, too, which was super exciting to me.

Christmas Eve 013r

Teddy bought me this fabulously warm hat. He thought it was hilarious at the time, but once he realized how warm it was, he bought himself one, too!!

Christmas Eve 015r

Teddy also got me a cute hair clip and earrings to match one of my yukata, a rolling mat for baking, stacking cooling racks, a portable battery pack for my phone, and these cute Fuji chopsticks rests!!

Christmas Day 002r

Today, I also made us a low-maintenance meal. I made cornmeal crusted tofu with honey mustard dip, parmesan potatoes, and salad. Yum!

Merry Christmas, everybody!!


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  1. Marie Elder
    Dec 27, 2013 @ 00:51:53

    Happy New Year!


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