Arima Onsen

Today we went to Arima Onsen, a cute little onsen town in Kobe.

Arima Onsen 003r

The river was landscaped very beautifully.

Arima Onsen 008r

There was a beautiful fountain near the tourist information center.

Arima Onsen 011r

Teddy at the river in Arima Onsen.

Arima Onsen 013r

Me at the river.

Arima Onsen 026r

This is the statue of Nene. I do not know who she was, though.

Arima Onsen 029r

Here is the customary manhole cover photo.

Arima Onsen 050r

When we were walking around, a man was gathering people to watch a monkey show, so we sat down to watch. I think this monkey looks like he’s going to punch someone in the face here. His name is King and he’s 2 years old.

Arima Onsen 058r

Here is King, walking on his hands. He was super cute.

Arima Onsen 109r

He could walk and jump on stilts!!

Arima Onsen 116r

A cute closeup.

Arima Onsen 141

We also saw a tree made from recycled PET bottles!!

Arima Onsen 144

This is Gokuraku Spring.

Arima Onsen 146r

The carvings on a small, roadside shrine.

Arima Onsen 162r

This is Taiko no Taki, a waterfall that we found by accident. It was not marked on any of the trail maps, nor was it marked on the map we were carrying. We just happened to see it through the trees, and then we scrambled down a hillside and jumped across some rocks to see it.

Arima Onsen 163r

As it has a sign, I don’t think it is a complete secret, though I am not sure why it was unmarked.

Arima Onsen 169r

We saw this fabulous sign while wandering the town. I was astounded by the Photoshopping. This sign is scolding people for putting their garbage out too early because it attracts the animals so fantastically displayed on the sign.

Arima Onsen 174r

This spring has carbonated water, which was used to make Arima Cider.

Arima Onsen 181r

There were these horrifically creepy cutout people on some of the streets in Arima…

I went to two onsen in Arima – Gin no Yu and Kin no Yu. They were super nice and relaxing, but of course, you cannot take pictures in an onsen.

After the onsen, I met back up with Teddy and we went in search of food.

Arima Onsen 185

Teddy found us a delicious place to have soymilk doughnuts. This is a cute lamp inside the shop.

Arima Onsen 187r

We got a cold chocolate doughnut and a sweet potato sesame doughnut. They were delicious!!

Arima Onsen 189r

Naturally, I had to try Arima Cider. It was SUPER fizzy! However, it just tasted like normal cider. In Japan, cider is not alcoholic, nor is it apple – it is just sugar-flavored pop.

After Arima, we headed back to Kobe, so my next post will be about our dinner and the Port at night.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Dec 08, 2013 @ 02:24:41

    The food looks great…..and as usual your pictures are beautiful.


  2. Barbara Lange
    Dec 08, 2013 @ 12:14:52

    The landscaping of the river was amazing. Even though you are wearing coats, it looks like early fall over there. Interesting place!


  3. Jen
    Dec 08, 2013 @ 14:24:35

    Some of the trees they have here really hang onto their leaves (especially Japanese maples – momiji). We’re heading into late fall, so a lot of the leaves have already fallen off. In Nagoya, the leaves were at their peak about 2-3 weeks ago. It’s not super cold, though. It gets down almost to freezing some nights, but in the day, you feel fine, and sometimes even a little warm, with a thick jacket.


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